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“I realized there’s a generation of us who either were born somewhere else and moved here, or their parents came from somewhere else, whether it’s from Latin America or Russia or the West Indies, and don’t know where they belong and what they’re suppose to navigate”


Not a lot of drugs, not a lot of crime, not a lot of write-ups in the New York Times

i feel like this is a good moment to remind everyone about the in the heights eater bonnet performance, which was a take-off on “one day more” from les mis feat. lmm as a rapping enjolras (complete with xylophone vest) and karen olivo as sexy javert. it is, somehow, exactly as amazing as it sounds.


The cast of In The Heights performing the Les Mis Remix Un Día Mas (One Day More) at the Easter Bonnet Competition in 2008
Eliseo Román (Piragua Guy) as Valjean, Chris Jackson (Benny) as Marius, Mandy Gonzalez (Nina) as Cosette, Robin de Jesus (Sonny) as Eponine, Lin-Manuel Miranda (Usnavi) as Enjolras, Karen Olivo (Vanessa) as Javert, Andrea Burns and Janet Dacal (Daniela and Carla) as the Thénardiers

[also check out their take on Fiddler’s Tradition (Tradizzle) from 2007!]