I talk to teenagers every day in my library…These are kids who started with Calvin and Hobbes and the Bone series and moved on to a steady diet of Japanese manga and stand-alone titles…Most of these teens don’t find their comics in comics stores, but on bookstore and library shelves. They read them for hours, ensconced in comfy chairs. Their favorites are book-books, not 32-page comic books… To teens, comics have always arrived as hardcovers and paperbacks.
—  Robin Brenner

Ever since E.L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey shot to the top of the best-seller list, publishers have been struggling with the tantalizing prospect of bringing more fan fiction writers into the traditional publishing fold.

Part of the difficulty comes from the persistence of negative stereotypes around fan works, which range vastly in terms of the quality of writing. Rather than hide their connection to fandom, the new independent publisher Big Bang Press is counting on the fan community for its talent and the buzz its wide audience can potentially create.

The women behind Big Bang, all connected to fandom in various ways, took a specific tack when entering the publishing fray. First, recruit the best writers from the world of fan fiction. Second, give those creators the support, through professional editing and marketing, to publish original work. Big Bang will publish paperback and ebooks for YA and adults.


Big Bang Press, a New Publisher for Fan Fiction Writers and Artists, by Robin Brenner at School Library Journal.

The Big Bang Press website is here!

TCAF was really fun! I had a great weekend! Thanks to everyone that came to say hi or buy a book or saw the panel I was on with my pals (picture above, from left to right: moderator Robin Brenner, Tom McHenry, Meredith Gran, KC Green, ME, Jess Fink, Kate Beaton, Ryan Pequin. Thanks to Emma DeMilta for the photo!).