Chrobinweek 2018 Day 6; Legacy

(A day late -) 

Presenting  Chrobin with their present children - keyword is present, the children who will be raised by Chrom and Robin, in a peaceful world, carry on the legacy of their parents and futur self left behind -

It was important to me showing the present children in the end they are the futur for the peacefull world their parents and alertnive self worked so hard for. 

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Chrobin Week Day 6: Legacy

AU: Accursed Divine

A legacy is far more than those who came before and those who will come after.  A legacy is the sum of all actions, good and bad, that make up a life, and the marks they leave on the world around them.  The legacy of Robin’s past is written on her skin: a mark upon her hand, deep scars upon her breast…but the legacy of her future shines with the ring she bears, and glows in the smiles of her children. 

Happily Ever After

“Breathe, milord.”

At Frederick’s suggestion, Chrom’s body finally started functioning normally once again. Well, for the most part it was working normally. Chrom could tell his hands were shaking fierce as he watched a vision of perfect beauty walk down the aisle towards him.

“I take it you like the dress,” Robin murmured to Chrom as the priest began his benedictions.

“You truly are the most beautiful woman in the world,” Chrom whispered back. Robin blushed slightly at this, and then gazed lovingly into her Exalt’s eyes. Chrom, already entranced, gazed right back.

A snicker from the audience clued in the blissfully unaware couple that they had been lost in their own little world together a trifle too long, and hadn’t heard the priest ask them a question. The two lovebirds blushed again, and the rest of the ceremony went off without a hitch.


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