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What about Damion wanting to bring home a killer whale ( PS Grayson hates killer whale, as shown in the black mirror)

-Bruce would absolutely refuse to allow the whale in his home, not matter what method of persuasion Damian tried to use. A cow is where Bruce draws the line. Plus Alfred would probably murder him if he let Damian have his way

-Jason is the one to egg Damian on because any excuse to make Bruce’s life hell is fine by him and just watching this is like a physical representation of immovable object vs. unstoppable force

-Dick is the one that is the least enthused by Damian’s actions because of the whole Killer Whale thing and he’s uncharacteristically blunt with Damian because the kid goes to ask him since maybe he would agree and get Bruce to concede 

-when Alfred learns that Damian wanted a killer whale, he glares so hard at Bruce that the man legitimately fears for his life because Alfred is more than capable and could easily kill him. Bruce is quick to explain that he was strictly against the idea and that he forbid Damian to get a killer whale

-Of course Damian may take this as a challenge and try to steal one, but who knows

Zootopia Fanfiction Take A Stand: Star of Ceartias Ch.11- Love and Pain

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge with another chapter of star of ceartais, a big thank you to @alexboehm55144 and @nick-and-judy-daily who both wrote parts of this chapter, also big shout out to the SOC development team who always help me out…)

Here’s the link…

Chapter 11- Love and Pain.

Alana Clearwater had been through an odd twenty four hours to say the least, yesterday morning she had been held at gunpoint and had all the relief centre’s meds robbed, then that evening the prescription drugs were returned my an urban legend; Spitfire. Alana honestly believed that the mech was the work of some crazy conspiracy theorist’s imagination but she saw the robotic vigilante with her own eyes. As she sat down in her office at the Sherwood community centre she wished that today would be relatively normal, she was about to start checking the order forms for more bottled water when a soft knocking at the door halted her “Come in.” she replied.

The door opened to reveal someone she definitely did not expect, there stood Nick Wilde dressed in a gaudy red Hawaiian shirt with black pants and his aviator sunglasses on “You must be Alana.” He greeted, walking in casually.

Alana immediately stood up and babbled “C-captain Wilde?” hardly believing the mammal that had inspired her so much was standing in front of her desk.

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Jason todd seems like the type to date someone that hits him with their car the first time seeing him as the Red Hood at night, and then reversing to make sure he’s dead.

Tim: You’re dating because they hit you with their car, and then went back to try to kill you????

Jason: What can I say, they have spunk and make sure to finish a job, I appreciate that in a person.
[Damian from another room]
“Maybe on your next date they can try again!”

Twitter Trouble

I found the #onlyingotham tumblr page @hashtagonlyingotham and they had this post X that I had to write a little thing over.

Word count: 1,432

This was the last straw. You decided coming home to find that - once again- some Batboy or Batfam member had to break into you home, the window glass in a neat little pile right under your window. It was probably an accident as there was a post it note attached to your window frame with a quick scribbling of Sorry! But this and been the third time in two months! You growled and pulled out you cell phone, dialing up your brother who lived in the suburbs of Gotham, and also replaced windows.

“Hey! Yeah, we’re still on for dinner this weekend.” You said as he answered, “but it happened again. Yeah, yeah, you’d think they’d pick a different apartment…. Okay,” You sighed in relief as you brother agreed to head up to your place, “Thanks. Yeah, see you soon. Love you!”

You worked on cleaning the glass, thankful that whoever had broken the window had also cleaned it a little. By the time that was through, your brother arrived, but instead of the regular window glass that he had used last time, he had something else… You both smiled at each other, “This is gonna be great.” He smiled, “Shouldn’t break like the bass, but it can open just like a window for fire safety.”

“Awesome!” You beamed and helped you brother install the new window. The tweeted about it, not expecting anything to come of it.

It was about three weeks later, you were home sitting on your couch watching the news. When there was a loud bang, you rushed over to your window to see Red Robin lying on your fire escape, having hit your new window and moaning in pain. You opened the window, and jumped when Red Hood and that little, grumpy robin land on the fire escape above you. Robin quickly grappled away, obviously chasing someone. But Red Hood had to stop because he was laughing, really hard.

Red Robin glanced up at the other vigilante, “Stop laughing, jerk.”

Red Hood tried to get a handle on himself, resulting in … giggles? He easily jumped down onto your fire escape and knelt by Red Robin, “Sorry man, that was just so priceless. You had to be going at least twenty and you hit that thing head on! It’s a miracle that it didn’t break!”

“Not a miracle,” you said, leaning out the window, “Plexi glass. You gonna be okay? Do I need to call an ambulance?”

Red Hood checked over Red robin, both whispering back and forth to each other. Red Hood glanced up at you, “Nah, he’s fine. Probably got a concussion, but he’s fine.” Red Hood reached over to you and you gave him a high-five. “I’ll get ya back to base, Red, just sit back and relax.” You watched as the much bigger man oickedup the smaller one and grappled away, “Have a nice night,” He called over to you.

“Bye! You too!” You called back.

You went back to watching the news, and around midnight, there was a knock on your window. You glanced over and about peed you pants, because it was Batman, and he didn’t look happy. You gulped and opened the window, “uh, Hi?”

Batman scowled at you, “Change your window.”

You snorted, crossing your arms defensively over your chest. “I’d rather not.” Batman glowered at you, and despite his towering over you, you glared right back. “You guys broke my window twice in two months! If my brother didn’t own a business fixing windows, I’d be out several hundred dollars right now. Probably struggling to make rent.”

Batman frowned, “Don’t you have insurance?”

“Hardly anyone can afford that Vigilante/Villain Package,” You explained, “I don’t think anyone in this building has it. I’m sorry Red Robin got hurt, but you guys should stop breaking people windows, m’kay?”

Batman blew a long breath through his nose, “At least put a red ribbon on your window. It’ll help us avoid your window.”

You nodded, “gotcha.” With that, Batman left, and you locked your window once again. Tweeting about the experience, of course…

The next morning, you were getting ready for your interview at Wayne Industries. You were hoping to get a job there and finally leave your boring retail job you had right now. you’d been preparing for weeks, your brother giving you a mock-interview, and helping you with your resume. You were ready for anything. Except, Bruce Wayne greeting you in the lobby. “Hello, Y/N? May I call you Y/N? Please come with me.”

“S-sure,” You replied as he walked you thought the building, “Of course.” This was an entry level job, what in the world… He brought you up to his office without much of an explanation and both of you quickly sat down.

Mr. Wayne sat across from you at his desk and you felt like a kid in the principal’s office. He cleared his throat, “Now, Y/N, I’ve asked you to come to my office because I need you help.”

“My help? Mr. Wayne-“

“Please call me Bruce, Mr. Wayne was my father.”

“Right.” You nodded, “I’m just some kid from the suburbs trying to make it in the city with a degree in Psychology, how can I help you?”

Bruce smiled, and you felt your heart skip a beat Hello, playboy, oh boy… But instead of him hitting on you, he only pulled out screenshots of your tweets, “I’ve come to realize that people are struggling due to Batman and his associates carelessness. I’d like to help people who are inconvenienced by them.”

“Inconvenience,” You dryly chuckled, “Bruce, when people have to chose wether to protect their children from the nightlife of gotham or rent and food, that’s not an inconvenience that’s almost a life or death decision. Some one my neighbors have had to stay up all night with a loaded gun if their windows get broken and they can’t afford to replace it, and have people baby sit their apartments so they aren’t ransacked.”

“Which is something that I don’t want to happen. I’d like to help people avoid this problem, and I think you, someone who’s been in contact with the vigilantes can help broker a system with them.”

You thought abut your neighbors, your brother and your Red Robin hitting your window. You looked Bruce dead in the eyes, “Deal.”

Bruce smiled, “Good. Get contact with the vigilantes started and you and I can hash out your details later.”

The man in front of you was kind,and you didn’t think he’d double cross you. You nodded, offering out your hand, “Deal,” and the two of you shook hands.

You stood on the roof of your building. Bruce had passed word of the meeting to Commissioner Gordon, who promised to pass to the next member of the Batfamily that he saw. It was around two in the morning when you got spooked by three heavy thunks behind you. You jerked your head around to see Red Hood, Red Robin and Nightwing… “Uh, hi,” You stammered. “My name is Y/N L/N. Bruce Wayne asked me to contact you.”

“Yeah and we came,” Rightwing grudged out, “Please explain why, quickly we’re busy.”

You glanced over at Red Robin, “Well, in light of recent events- sorry, about that by the way- we’ve found out certain things.” You pulled showed them a folder that you’d been holding, “These are reports from this apartment building alone for the past year,” They noticed how particularly thick it was, about an inch, “You all have broken these windows and cost these families hundreds each.”

“So?” Red Hood growled, “What are we supposed to do about it?” You pulled a small tin out of your purse and showed it to them, “This is new technology from Wayne Industries.” Red Robin took the ten, a smirk on his face and open it revealing the small inch wide circular items, “Once they are armed by the frequency of breaking glass and switched active if dropped on the ground with enough source. Bruce Wayne would like you to drop one should you ever damage civilian or public property. He’s setting up a fund in order to help those that you unexpectedly and unconsciously harm.”

Each member of the Batfamily took a handful of the trackers before Rightwing nodded to you, “What do you get out of this?”

You squared your shoulders, “I’ll be checking up on every location that you drop a beacon at. To help the civilians make claims.”

Nightwing offered out his hand with a friendly smile, “Welcome to the team.“

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The Favorite musical of every Batfamily member?

Bruce: The King and I 

Dick: Curtains

Jason: Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Tim: Hamilton

Steph: Cats the Musical

Damian: My Fair Lady

Cass: Chicago

Duke: The Book of Mormon

Barbara: The Drowsy Chaperone

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What would Everyones reaction be to finding out bruce has a long lost daughter who is just a tad younger then Grayson.

-they would all be a bit surprised because this gal is definitely a “long lost” daughter who just showed up out of the blue and announced that Bruce was her dad

- and then once the shock wore off, they would all give Bruce so much shit because “What the hell Bruce! You always tell us how to be safe and whatnot and yet you have two biological kids now that you didn’t even know about” and Bruce would be trying to figure out the details of who this kid might be

-at first the kids would be a bit wary and distrustful of her, seeing as she could’ve come along at any point and she chose this exact moment to be discovered/known. Each kid would come to get over this at different times, with Damian and Jason taking the longest to accept/trust her

-Babs would run numerous background checks and do in-depth research to make sure that this kid is who she said she is. Bruce definitely imprinted his distrustful nature on his kids/proteges 

-After everyone gets used to the “new kid” they would totally try to get her as accustomed to the insane nature of the family (maybe they would get her involved in vigilantism but it depends on how she feels and if Bruce is okay with it/her knowing because again, he’s not very trusting of people)