Love hearing how Jane addresses Lisbon using her first name on every occasion, the special manner he has to pronounce it, and in the finale it’s even more moving, used only for her to be heard, a more intimate way to call her. He says it when he’s worried, and also when he wants to show her that her opinion matters and he means to be open with her, that he cares about her feelings as much as she does about his at this stage. And I totally love the way in which he says “Teresa” when calling her after buying the land – he has a plan going on, and he’s exhilarated because within no time he’s going to propose to her, and he can’t wait to see her reaction, and let her know the house is now theirs. And the way he addresses her sounds so full of hope, contentment, and impatience, he’s nervous but delighted. He has so much to tell her, and it looks like he’s just found how.