I love this little scene for its deep meaning and the promise behind it. It demonstrates the commitment between Jane and Lisbon, their connection. They are not married officially yet and a proposal is a big step for Jane, but it is certainly something he has considered. Lisbon’s family is already his too, he sees them that way, and he feels he belongs there, because he’s been accepted. And Lisbon, in her turn, feels so comfortable bringing him ‘home’, and calling it their home, she can’t put it in another way. There’s a ‘we’ for both of them now, and both of them have stopped running away from whatever deprived them of this freedom. Everything they do together, every new step they take, things that they share come so naturally to them. It’s there even in their postures, and in how they savor the moment.


This gifset is a most wonderful gift from Anony to me! of Simon’s interruption of Robin’s interview. [x] This is the third time we have him on film interrupting one of her interviews. How they speak to each other ‘baby’ … ‘darling’ … turns me into a throbbing puddle. This makes me so happy. Thank you, Anony, for another wonderful gift! I adore you!


Let’s celebrate the 2nd wedding anniversary of these two beautiful people, Teresa and Patrick, who know what it is to wait for each other and never forget, what it is to put the interests of the one they love first even if they are used to being on their own, who know what it is to lose and have next to no hope and still have the courage to confess their feelings to each other and start a new life together, a partnership that was meant to be; who are not afraid anymore to show their affection and weaknesses because they know they are loved for what they are, and who have remarkable trust in each other.