robin trees

The birdbro’s are using teamwork to decorate the tree! :D

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Hadrian’s Wall. by Alan
Via Flickr:
Looking down at the tree in sycamore gap, the tree is also known as Robin Hood’s Tree, it got that name from being in the film.. Anyone know what the round stone built feature is?

It’s Been Years...

It’s been years but I still think it should’ve been Jackie and Hyde just like it should’ve been Barney and Robin just like it should’ve been Lucas and Brooke just like how now, it should’ve been Stefan and Elena.


I do think it should’ve been Blair and Dan too. But anyway.

Third Day of Christmas (Joker x Reader)

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Warning(s): None

Pairing: Joker x Reader

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me; three heart tattoos, two machine guns!

And a Robin in a pear tree.

The loud and intimidating buzzing sound from the ink machine bellowed throughout the messy room. The burning sensation of the needle scrapping against your once dull {skin tone} skin, leaving a trail of black ink behind. You pressed your face against the soft, plush sofa, smothering out your pain filled cries. The smell of fresh ink, gun powder, and gingerbread cookies filled your lungs.

This wasn’t the first time Joker painted your soft skin in colorful tattoos. Hell, just last week the green haired man drew a small dainty clown on your lower abdomen, dangerously close towards your womanhood, but the small tat didn’t hurt as much as this. You let out a pitiful mewl, which cause the clown to stop.

He let out a low chuckle, the sound of the tattoo machine abruptly cut off, and the only sound you could hear was the heaving breathing of the older man. He slowly rested his large hand onto your now numb thigh, the sound of his purple rubber glove rubbing against your skin sent shiver down your spine.

“Aw, is Daddy hurtin’ little ‘ol {Name}?” He said, his voice low and filled with playfulness. You bit your lips, trying your best to create a face that says: Yes, I’m fine, totally not in pain or anything. But alas, you couldn’t, which earned you a pitiful face from Joker.

“Poor baby, Daddy’s sooo sorry,” he said, faking worry and remorse. “But don’t worry cause you don’t have to go through this pain anymore!” He tossed the tattoo machine across the room, the expensive object breaking apart on impact. 

“And you know why?” He asked, showing off his silver grill.

“Why?” You mumbled, rubbing away invisible tears that adorned the corners of your puffy eyes.

“Because sweetheart! Daddy’s done!” 

You looked down towards your upper thigh, surprise and awestruck at the permanent art work that lingered onto your skin. 

It was a large heart with a skull in it that resembles Joker himself, two other hearts lingered around it; one was purple the other green. You smiled and looked up at Joker, your own heart thumping at a rapid pace. 

With a quick and surprising movements you wrapped your arms around the older man, pulling him into a bear hug.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”