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Things the Batfam forgot to tell Duke when he joined

Whenever any member of the Batfam mentions “that time I was dead,” they aren’t kidding.

Just because you haven’t seen Tim in days doesn’t mean he isn’t there. The same applies to Cass, for entirely different reasons.

If the Red Hood ever breaks into the Manor and tries to hold you hostage, don’t worry about it–the guns aren’t loaded, that’s just Jason doing a bit. That’s how he asks Bruce for money.

Bruce actually has THREE biological children. If a tall Damian suddenly appears in the Cave, he is from the future and can be trusted, and will occasionally bring back future snacks. Don’t try to attack him: he is stronger than you. Beware the girl: she is from an alternate universe and may attempt to introduce you to tv shows that don’t exist. You will be very disappointed.

If Christopher Kent gives you his armor and tells you that it can help you fly, he is lying. He is Kryptonian, and the thrusters are for show.

The guy in red eating your cookies on Christmas Eve is NOT Santa. That is Barry Allen. Do not get between him and food; you will regret it.

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Headcanon: when did the batboys (+Bruce) realize that they were falling for their s/o and what was their reaction to realizing they're in love? I hope this helps to make your day better ❤️



  • Bruce realized be was in love when he saw you helping Dick with his homework
  • it was just a regular day for you and Bruce
  • You had spent the night at the manor
  •  when Bruce woke up the next morning he saw you and Dick on the Dining table trying to memorize the quadratic formula together
  • Bruce’s boys were the most important thing to him and seeing the proud look on your face when Dick solved a problem on his own and the look of excitement on Dick’s when you praised him made Bruce’s cold heart melt
  • At first the thought of being in love flustered him
  • he was used to a fatherly or familial type of love, not love love
  • the more he thought of it or you, the more it excited him
  • he wanted to be with you forever
  • he wanted to be the man you came home to every night
  • he wanted you to become the mother of his adopted children 
  •  he wanted to be happy with you
  • and he was

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I really like the idea of Jason and Damian constantly walking around talking about people in front of them in languages they don’t understand. Not even talking shit, just… fostering paranoia. Their favorites are, of course, Dick and Tim, who are both freaked the fuck out, although Dick is also just glad his brothers seem to be getting along. And it’s always fun to piss off Bruce’s party guests by complimenting them in League Arabic or German or Russian or any other language that’s stereotyped as really angry and/or snooty.

at a bi-monthly “Robins ‘R Us” meeting

Dick: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you lost in your life.

Damian: Oh look, my childhood innocence. Thank you for finding it!

Jason: My will to live! I haven’t seen this in years!

Steph: Damn, knew I lost that potential somewhere!

Tim: Mental stability, my old friend!

Dick: Guys, could you lighten up a little?

While on mission coms

Tim: Could you for one moment act like how you where trained!!!

Jason: totally like could but one teensy wheeny little problem

Tim: *under his breath*

Jason: *blows up the building they where scouting* THIS IS SO MUCH MORE FUN!!!


Jason: Yesterday, was waiting for you to be a smarta**

Scottish Accent Headcanon

(Batboys + Bruce x Reader)

Requested: yes, by a divine anon

Request: Would you mind doing another request like the one with the English accent and Irish accent but then with a Scottish one? Thank you!

Warning/s: none

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Okay first of all all of them wore a kilt at least once in front of you.


  • He thinks it’s unbelievably sexy
  • He can’t keep his hands off of you
  • Every time you speak he has to passionately kiss you or, if he has time, lead you upstairs
  • Some times you’re just not in the mood but he’s persistent 
  • “Bruce, yer gettin’ skelped”
  • He totally took the slap so he could kiss you


  • He got really into to know more about your culture, food, language everything
  • You caught him in a kilt more than once
  • He’s like an obsessed fangirl (fanboy) over a fandom they’re into
  • It’s sweet of him too cook Scottish cultured food
  • “Dick this is pure dead brilliant”
  • “Hah thanks, I got help from Alfred”
  • He’s a sweetheart


  • He wore the kilt when he was Red Hood
  • Red Hood wore a kilt
  • He had to shoot a lot of criminals since they were making fun of him but this is from your culture so fuck those guys
  • One time a someone was attacking Jay, as in with words
  • You went up to the person and said “Yer gettin’ skelped”
  • They had no idea what you meant until you slapped them hard
  • No one messes with you two


  • You love talking to Tim 
  • He understands more than it seems
  • “Hou’s it gaun Tim?”
  • “Pretty good (y/n), and how are you doing?”
  • You think it’s hot when he talks with a Scottish accent
  • Even if he sounds a little silly


  • He loves the accent
  • Thinks it’s very beautiful
  • When you’re reading you have to start again because he wants to hear you
  • When he’s doing something rash and didn’t thought it through you say “Noo jist haud on!”
  • He first needs a translation
  • “Hold on Damian”
  • You’re the only one that’s allowed to tell him what to do

All right, everyone, buckle up: it’s the Workplace AU.

There are no superheroes. There are only board meetings. And coffee.

Bruce is the serious and completely competent CEO of Wayne Enterprises. He’s well on his way to making the company a Global 2000, but… there are some hurdles. 

His staff. They are the hurdles. 

Most of his employees are either hard workers or unremarkable. It’s the few who who can’t be lumped solely into either category that are the problem.

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With Robin would show up at a hallowing party dress as Robin? (Maybe with-out the mask)

At first Bruce had objected to the idea, till Jason showed him the costume. They’d gotten the bare legs and embarrassing underpants right, other details however…. The green briefs where no longer covered in armor and part of an unitard. They were a pair of green briefs with a bright yellow waistband and piping. The top was a single piece shirt made of some kind of Lycra, the buttons and green sleeves were just printed onto it. The cape hung from his shoulders totally wrong. The mask looked like something from Zorro with long strings trailing behind him. Rather than pixie boots the costume came with cheap green boots with red lances. 

Jason gave a twirl and Bruce had to fight back a smile “you look ridicules” 

“Says the guy who runs around dressed like a giant bat” Jason shot back putting his hands either side of his head with his index fingers extended while crossing his eyes and sticking out his tongue. Bruce rolled his eyes but also smiled. “Come on you don’t want to be late, have to impress Jenna…” Bruce’s face clouded “or was it Justin?” 

“It’s both, they’re twins” Jason waggled his eyebrows in an over the top manner. Bruce sighed “Do I need to remind you that you’re in middle school and shouldn’t even know what that means” Jason rolled his eyes “8th grade Bruce, it’s 90% on the way to High school, come on” He ran for the manor’s doors and Bruce let out a sigh and followed his son out. 

Bruce dropped him off at the end of the drive way a few hours before. It had been at a girl’s house who he didn’t really know. Before moving in with Bruce Jason was sure he would have thought this house was huge but now it seemed almost cosy. It was a good party, not that Jason had a whole lot of experience in that area. The parents stayed in the background the music was pretty book and there were lots of shacks. Jason wasn’t the only one with a costume that showed off their legs though he was the only boy. He didn’t mind, he was also one of the only boys willing to dance so he found himself in the middle of a group of girls at one point which had to be a highlight. 

Jason was catching his breath sipping at some very sugary punch from a red solo cup. He’d had to break up enough college parties gone wrong at GU to know at real parties alcohol went in these cups. “Well this is embarrassing” came a voice from behind him. Jason turned and came face to face with a boy several inches shorter than he was, in his costume. Jason blinked a few times. “Well one of us is going to have to change” The boy said and Jason looked at him confused till he saw the hint of a smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

“I’m Tim by the way” The boy said and Jason felt that awkwardness when two kids meet, you should do something but a handshake would be too weird. “uh I’m Jason” He offered “I don’t think I’ve seen you before are you in a different cluster, I’m in E” Gotham middle school broke each of it’s 3 grades into clusters, but clusters often shared gym classes, lunches, and band. “Nah” Tim said “I’m not in 8th, I’m in 7th grade” he looked a little self conscious about that. “Oh I thought this was an 8th grade only party” Jason said and felt like a jerk for saying it. 

“mmm I’m on the soccer team with some of the guys, Aaron, Josh, Phil, you know that group” Tim said. The 7th and 8th graders played together on one soccer team. “yeah cool” Jason nodded. The lapsed into awkward silence, ‘he’s pretty cute, for a 7th grader’ Jason though absently, the twins had been a bust. Jason thought that any 8th grade party wasn’t complete without a game of spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heaven. “you play any sports?” Tim offered awkwardly and Jason shook his head. “Do other stuff to stay fit right?” Tim said and Jason arched an eyebrow, a skill he’d picked up from Alfred. “Uh just you um, the uniform, uh costume, it looks good on you” Tim was the color of a tomato. 

Jason smiled slowly, “do you want to go somewhere and not talk about sports?” he asked and Tim nodded, Jason took his hand and headed for the stairs. 

Give me a live action Batman film that tries to be dark and gritty but gets ruined by the sassy and sarcastic comments and bad puns from all of his kids