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20 Years at Sea: Day 9 - Favorite Opening: [Opening 14 Fight Together]

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DannyMay Day Twenty Five: Aliens/ Cryptids

…It still baffles him. He knows that the portals are unpredictable. Imagine his surprise when it took him half way across the country, thankfully in his own time. He recognizes this city, and a childish sort of giddiness overtakes him.

Danny Phantom emerges inside the Titans Tower.

Breathtaking. That’s how he would describe the interior. An amazing headquarters for an amazing team. He’s read all about them, even memorized their powers and abilities. They are his favorite superhero team. He’s on the verge of fanboying when the state of the art sliding doors open.

There standing in the threshold were the Teen Titans. They stared at each other. He was equal parts exited and terrified. On the one hand they were his heroic inspiration. On the other he was definitely trespassing and will probably be obliterated on the spot. After an eternity, Beast Boy shattered the silence.

“DUDE! You’re Danny Phantom!”

Holy crap! They knew his name! Ok. Ok. Calm down. Be cool. Gotta act professional. Just because he’s fantasized about joining them on a mission doesn’t mean anything. He’s got this.

“Ohmygosh You’re the Teen Titans! This is so cool! I’m a huge fan of you guys! Will you sign my Thermos?”

He internally cringes. Smooth Fenton, now they think you’re a total dweeb.

“Dude no prob! But only if you sign my belt!”

No way. The Beast Boy wants his autograph. He has only ever dreamed of this moment. As they’re exchanging signatures, Starfire approaches him and engulfs him in a bone crushing hug.

“Hello new friend! It is very nice to meet you. My name is Starfire.”

“I’m Danny, um you’re kinda breaking my ribs.”

Starfire drops him, spouting apologies. Cyborg helps him up while Robin asks what brings him into the tower.

“Um, sorry for barging in on you guys, I was floating through the Ghost Zone and a random portal opened up and kinda dumped me here, hee hee…”

He’s not very good at this first impressions thing. They tell him it’s fine. Actually inviting him to stay as long as he likes. They’re actually really cool people. He’s especially intrigued by Starfire. She came from SPACE! How cool is that!? He asks her ten thousand questions. She giggles at his enthusiasm. Her infectious cheer reminds him of Jazz. They would actually be the best of friends.

He spends the whole day with the Titans. Playing video games with Beast Boy. Brushing up on his combat skills with Robin. Learning new techniques on how to build equipment with Cyborg. Even dark poetry exchanges with Raven. The rest of the Titans were flabbergasted by how taken she is with him. They would never peg him for the darkness loving type. He explains that his girlfriend is a gothic ultra-recyclo-vegetarian with a major attitude, but he loves her anyway.

Starfire suggests they go for a flight. He jumps at the chance. They zoom around the city, she shows him around and they even get to hang out like normal teenagers. They went from music stores, to comic stores. They even got pizza on the way back. The more time he spent with her the more he was reminded of Jazz, but, without the nosiness and overprotectiveness.

Finally as the sun is setting, he and Starfire watch from the roof. All the while asking her all about space and her home planet. She in turn asks him about the Ghost Zone and his home town. They exchange stories and struggles. They end up finding solace in each other, both feeling like outsiders even among their friends.

He feels so welcome here. In this band of misfits he fits right in, he feels normal. Finally feeling like he belongs. Not having to worry about people shooting him on sight, or what would happen if people found him out. He hears her giggling.

“What is it?”

“You appear to be much more relaxed than when you first arrived. I am glad”

“Yeah…your right. I do feel a lot more relaxed. Guess I really did need a vacation. Thanks, for everything”

Cassandra: Tim…you can’t beat me. Cain taught me too well. Even if I couldn’t “read” your body’s “tells”, I’ve memorized your fighting style, your technique…

Robin: Then I’ll just have to throw out technique–and just hit you as hard and as often as I can! I’ll punch and kick and scratch and claw and I won’t care if it’s pretty or graceful…I’m not going to lose.

–Tim Drake with Cassandra Cain (Robin #151 – Harder Questions)



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We want to expose this because is very use full also to understand how much works is need to develop a relationship between 2 character in this case Zoro&Robin. From the beginning,even before One Piece come out, Eiichiro Oda had the idea of a swordsman that saves a girl with a very sad past. He wanted also a scene where a swordsman cut in half a dragon.

Before Eiichiro Oda created One Piece (his most important works inside his career as Mangaka), he develop separate story that where put together in the series Wanted. The case that interest us is call Monster.

The story talks about a young swordsman that arrive in a town. He met a girl. That girl is called Flare, she is an owner of a restaurant, inside that restaurant, there is also the main antagonist of the story Shirano. This character is presented has the hero that saved the girl 7 years before from an accident where a Dragon burn her hometown. During that accident, only Flare survived. In reality, Shirano is a very cold/heartless guys that look only in his personal business. He cooperates together with the dragon to destroy the city. He saves Flare, not for a good reason but he looked after someone that could bring him more fame and prestige.
In the moment that Ryuma encounters Shirano inside the restaurant, he felt that he need to challenge him. Ryuma loses during the first encounter because Shirano is very skilled in his swordsmanship.

Ryuma will fight again Shirano to vengeance the death of Flare parents. In that case, he wins the combat with one slash . At the same time the dragon appears to burn again the city but this time, Ryuma protect Flare, he cut with a sigle slash the dragon head. The end of the story shows that
Flare&Ryuma are left in good term, they are good friends.

Now this story has interesting and uses full information that Eiichiro Oda took also for One Piece (his masterpiece). In One Piece he creates a figure call Roronoa Zoro that has an incredible design similarity like Ryuma: their face, body, gesture are very alike and also their profession both are incredible skill swordsman.
In the case of Flare, the girl is drawn not exactly like Robin but Oda took from her, especially her sad story/background to develop Robin.

Here you can see in detail the similarity between Zoro&Ryuma and Robin&Flare.
In the case of Zoro&Ryuma:

1) The main character Ryuuma shares a similar design with Zoro;
2) Both of them are proud and very skilled swordsmen;
3) The major antagonist for Zoro&Ryuma shares a very similar design. They are rival. The difference between Mihawk and Shirano is the fact that they have 2 completely different personalities and backstory.
4) In both cases when they are introduced they met a female character that is going to help them. In the case of Ryuma is Flare and in the case of Zoro is Rika.
5) In both cases, they are starving to death;
6) In both cases are going to help the girl, Zoro against the Marine, Ryuma against Shirano&Dragon
7) They both cut in half a dragon.
8) Ryuma is also introduce in One Piece (in his Zombie form) during Thriller Bark, he fight Zoro that in that case win the fight and receive the Shusui.

Now about Flare and Robin:

1) Flare is a very complex character like Robin. She has a dark and very sad past, in both cases, they lost there chill town and they are the only survive. In the cases of Flare is a Dragon and in the case of Robin is the world government and more precisely the CP-9 that gave the order to destroy Oahra;
2) There is also an interesting information that connects Flare&Robin. In the case of Flare, the attack of her home town happened 7 years before she encounters Ryuma. That number is official the number that represents Nico Robin because she entered in the crew as the 7th member.
3) Both women show for different reasons that the give up for there live, they wanted to end there/to die.
4) Flare has a name that recalls the Robin technique “Fior Fior”

To conclude about Flare and Robin, I think that Eiichiro Oda took the idea of Flare background to develop Robin mini arc during the water 7 when we see a very impact full/sad past field with a lot of desperation. All straw-hat suffer some kind of lost during there past but for Nico Robin, the story that Eiichiro Oda show us is just on a different level of sadness.
In the case of Zoro and Ryuma, Eiichiro Oda took more information, first the design of Ryuma was used again for Zoro, second the idea that Zoro is a swordsman, third also part of his behavior, Ryuma is shown to have like Zoro two different approach, against his enemy, is overconfident and you can see the blood lust. On the other side they have also a more human side, in both cases, they are drawn silently near a person that suffer. I think is a way to show that they want to comfort the other side that is suffering but without interacting. They share the passion for there swordsmanship, in both cases, they want to challenge strong guys. In both cases, they show there best when they need to protect something or someone. In both cases, they are loyal when they promised something they are going to fuffil that no matter what the cost is.

It’s amazing how many dirty jokes the writers were able to smuggle into Young Justice.

When M'gann showed a version of Robin and Kid Flash with breasts  

Wally’s wonderful comment to Black Canary

Artemis not-so-subtly perving on Superboy in front of everyone


Robin’s little comment 

Cam skeeving on Artemis’s development 

It’s obvious what she’s talking about

Little 13 year-old Robin adopting Wally’s flirting techniques 

Excuse me but there are children here


Conner and Megan’s weird Martian role-playing and his apparent mommy fetish

Because sweet innocent little Garfield knows what Nightwing’s name means

Artemis parading around their apartment in nothing but a sports jersey

You are in the middle of a battle show some respect

Moral of the story: This show gets away with far too much    

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a concept; Tim having adopting a bunch of cats. cats who all have very ordinary names. every time Tim is at the Manor, he sometimes talks about his cats like "kevin spilled my coffee today" "alice licked the butter again can you believe it??" "i was taking a bath yesterday and elias fell into the water" and the batfam is just ????? what does this mean, who is kevin, Tim and who is alice?? elias??

You know, I bet it starts out that Tim is jealous that Damian is allowed to have all his animals (Alfred, Titus, Batcow) and now that Tim is living alone, he is allowed to. He needed a low maintenance animal that could survive and not need a lot of constant attention. So he picked up a shelter cat named Walter. And Damian is instantly jealous so Tim considers it a win. Until he finds he really likes his new cat, Walter isn’t demanding but he does need Tim and gives him care and validation when the poor boy needs it. So Tim being Tim, thinks ‘gosh this is nice, if I get more, I’ll feel better.’ so now he has like 6 cats in his apartment.

He is very attached to all of them and casually refers to them by name in conversation. Superboy gets very jealous, who are all these new friends Tim has? I thought I was his super best friend??? Don’t worry Kon, they’re just cats. Damian makes 5,000 excuses to come over constantly. He needs to pet all those kitty cats and nag Drake on how to better take care of them. Damian is pretty good with animals so Tim really listens as Dami rattles off food brands and techniques. Robin and Red Robin have forgotten to patrol because they get caught up with all their cats. It’s ironic that Tim got his first cat to annoy Dami and, somehow, it brought them closer together