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Her Ghost - Part 1

Right - So my dearest Regal_Stacy asked for a few chapters on “Regina seeing Leopold in the UW” and though it’s taken me quite sometime, I feel decent presenting to you all Part 1 - most likely this will have 3 Parts to it.

Now the point of this lil ficlet - is based off of fan canon that Leopold was not a good husband to Regina - and there is mentions of martial abuse within this story as it revolves around the mind space of Regina. I understand this isn’t for everyone so I would like to just make note of it in the beginning.

Gracias and I really hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

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It’s nerve wracking, being here, feeling all the eyes that stare at you, gazes filled with malice and venom, and you know they only are wanting on thing…your head on a spike. Those gazes she can take, can easily send back a dagger filled expression back, they cower, and she silently revels that they still fear her. Days have passed, though you couldn’t really tell what with the ever lasting pink sky, it all melts together, eternal time that doesn’t move.

When they arrived initially, she knew what they were getting into, knew that there would be hundreds of lost souls she was going to have to see, to deal with. Some souls like her father and Daniel had brought her peace finally, knowing that they were able to move on, it seemed to lighten her. Others like her mother were far more complicated, not to mention the never ending list of strangers she didn’t recognize, but knew she was the reason they were down here. She could deal with them, but there was one person, one soul that without a doubt would be here, somewhere, and that terrified her. And now the fear of seeing him again was beginning to take its toll on her. She was on high alert every hour of the day, her heart would race and breath would stall every time she thought she saw him. Sleep evaded her, her eyes would close and there he was. She couldn’t eat, everything felt like ash in her mouth. While most of the group didn’t seem no notice, or brushed off her sharp tones and absent mind as Regina being Regina, but Robin, her sweet sweet Robin, apparently she couldn’t hide from him.

He could see it in her eyes, this long hollow stare that would flicker in between frantic emotions. Her posture was stiff; he could feel her tense momentarily when his hand would find the small of her back. Something was going on in that beautiful mind of hers, something that he didn’t understand, and the reclusive nature she was falling into was beginning to seriously worry him. Regina had tried to brush him off, smiling small in fake reassurance, one that never met her eyes. She would squeeze his hand under the table, to fast before she’d let go. Even when she would kiss him, it was half hearted, he could feel the hesitation, and nights when usually she could cuddle up into his chest, wrap an arm around his waist and let his heart lull her to sleep, that was completely gone. They lay side by side, until she would curl away from him, tucking the blanket underneath her chin, her arm hugging her abdomen in some sort of protection as she drew her knees up. He knew she didn’t sleep; her breathing would never settle though she lay still as a statue.

At the start he tried to reach out to her, his palm would settle on her shoulder, rubbing small circles on her bare skin, but even then she would flinch, pulling the duvet further around her, hiding her body from him. It tore him apart, not being able to comfort her, not knowing how to ease this tension that followed her everywhere. She wouldn’t talk to him, would just shake her head before running off into the shower where the hot water would burn so high he feared it would scald her skin.

He had heard the water running one night, when everyone else was far gone in sleep, he had turned to find her, only to feel cold sheets. Slowly standing he made his way to the bathroom, only to hear her crying behind the door. He knew she didn’t want to have her privacy invaded, especially in these moments where her vulnerability was on high octane, but hearing the harsh sobs broke his heart and his resolve. Cracking the door open, the steam billowed out and he was instantly sweating, how she could stand this stifling heat he did not know.

“Regina?” he quietly called out, but she didn’t answer. Stealing himself, he drew the glass shower door back, not finding her in front of him, but crouched down into a corner, arms wrapped tightly around her legs as her long hair covered her face that was buried into her knees. She was shaking, trembling underneath the water. Robin stepped in, hissing at the temperature that hit his skin, she was going to burn herself sitting in this. Turning the tap off, he slid down beside her, his hands running up her arms, brushing back her hair. He wasn’t actually sure if she knew he was there, her tears falling heavily as she shook.

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This is my story…

“You can live your whole life not realizing that what you’re looking for is right in front of you.” ― David Nicholls, One Day

“We’re dating.” Regina said quietly as a small smile graced her face at Tink’s pestering of her relationship with Robin.

“EXCUSE ME?” Tink asked almost yelling, grabbing the attention of everyone else in the diner.

“Calm down. People are staring.” Regina said quickly as she scanned the room to make sure no one’s eyes were lingering.

“You are kidding me Regina. How long? Does he know? Why didn’t you tell me? Oh my god does Henry know? Are you freaking out?” Tink asked at a million miles an hour, all in one breath.

“Tink. Breathe.” Regina said chuckling at her friend who was almost bouncing off the stool she was sitting on at Granny’s diner bench.

“I’m sorry. GO.” Tink said, her enthusiasm barely controlled.

“Um. Well only a few weeks, its very new. And no, he does not know he is my true love. I’m not thinking about it Tink. I’m just enjoying what we have.” Regina said smiling to herself as she thought of her relationship with Robin.

“And you didn’t tell me because?” Tink said, her eyes almost bursting out of the sockets as she took in all of Regina’s information.

“I wanted to make sure I was serious, that he was serious, that it was something.” Regina said as she watched the drink swirling around in her glass.

“And it is? Something?” Tink asked softly, finally regaining her selfcontrol.

“Yes. Henry knows. He saw us kissing and he’s beside himself that his mother is dating Robin Hood.” Regina said as she thought of Henry’s immediate love of Robin Hood.

“Are you freaking out?” Tink asked.

“I am freaking out.” Regina said looking up and meeting Tink’s eye.

“Well, he’s your true love, it can’t go wrong.” Tink said her hand resting softly on Regina’s for a moment.

“Well I mean. I’m not focusing on that. I haven’t told him about the tattoo and the pixie dust.” Regina said, she hadn’t had that conversation with Robin but she was going to when the moment was right.

“You haven’t? Why?” Tink said, she was shocked but at the same time, it was Regina, so she wasn’t surprised.

“Because I don’t want to scare him! He’s already dating the Evil Queen, one step at a time.” Regina answered sensitively, Robin didn’t see her that way and she was so grateful for that.

“Have you slept together?” Tink said raising her eyebrow and stifling a smile.

“Tink.” Regina said giggling, she felt like a teenager discussing her first boyfriend with her best friend, it was nice.

“Come on, girl to girl.” Tink said whispering.

“No, we haven’t. We want to wait until all of this drama is over, until Zelena is gone.” Regina said blushing, they had come close, that’s for sure but they had agreed to wait.

“He’s going to give it to you good. By the way he’s been looking at you for the past 20 minutes, he’s going to devour you.” Tink said, it was true, Robin hadn’t taken his eyes of Regina said she had entered the diner.

“Tink.” Regina replied giggling softly, she had no doubt about that.

“What’s so funny?” Robin asked, taking a seat next to Regina, lifting his glass in Tink’s way as acknowledgment.

“OH nothing, lovebirds.” Tink said laughing to herself before she spun and was gone.

“You’re good friends with Tinkerbell? This is the second time I’ve interrupted you talking.” Robin asked, he forever wanted to know more about Regina and her life. It made him happy that Regina had a friend she could confide in.

“You weren’t interrupting and yes I am, she’s my only friend. We went through a lot but she sees who I am and takes it. And she makes me laugh.” Regina said, smiling softly at Robin, their eyes locked as he moved closer to her subtly.

“You’re only friend?” Robin asked, his mouth moving into a cheeky grin.

“Yep.” Regina said, flicking her hair and angling her body subtly so that Robin could see the top of her breasts. She shot him a dangerous smile before laughing at his reaction.

“Well what am I?” He asked, feigning hurt.

“I was under the impression we were more than friends.” Regina answered, the conversation taking a serious turn.

“Oh yeah?” Robin asked, he of course felt this way but sometimes you had to drag Regina’s feelings out of her.

“I mean, if you want to.” Regina said looking away, her fingers tapping her glass.

“Regina, the merry men have been calling you my girlfriend for weeks.” He said laughing softly.

“Girlfriend?” Regina said swallowing her drink in one gulp, she’d never been someone’s girlfriend. Even with Daniel they had never put a label on it.

“Yes. Girlfriend.” Robin said smiling at her softly and before Regina could smile back, he had leant in and placed a soft kiss on her lips, everyone in the diner stoping and staring at the two.

“What?” Regina said loudly enough that everyone turned and continued what they were doing, Snow and Tink’s eyes lingering a bit longer as smiles crossed their faces.

“Our first public kiss.” Robin said as he placed his hand on her lower back, his fingers drawing lazy circles.

“Don’t get used to it Thief.” Regina said as she leant into him, a small smile on her face. Everything was right in the world, Tink knew, the town knew and she hadn’t had to burn anyone to a crisp. Progress. Smiling to herself, she leant in quickly and placed another soft kiss on Robin’s lips before leaning in and wiping off her lipstick.

“Oh my queen, what you do to me.” Robin said smiling at the woman in his arms.

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