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DC Headcanon: Tim’s Superhero T-Shirts.

While he’ll likely never explain it to anyone (doesn’t think that anyone notices or cares, really), Tim has three distinct reasons for wearing superhero t-shirts.

  1. He genuinely admires each of the heroes and likes the reminder that there are people like them out there to help.
  2. When he feels like he’s totally alone in the world, they remind him that there are others like him, with secret identities and hidden burdens that no one else sees.
  3. It helps protects his secret identity because no one thinks that actual superheroes wear superhero merchandise and if he slips when he’s tired and makes a comment about say, the limitations of the Flash’s powers, everyone just thinks he’s a cute little fanboy who has put too much thought into his favorites heroes.

Jon: I think I heard something!

Damian: Will you let go of me?! You have powers! You can deal with whatever it is!

Jon: But what if it’s a ghost?!

Damian: I’m gonna become a ghost if you don’t stop asphyxiating me!!


Man, I didn’t think I’d get this much support when I first made this damijon blog :p Heck, a couple of months ago, I didn’t even know what tumblr was lol. I guess our love for the fandom really brings us together, huh? :D Even my text posts and comic edits get shared around these days XD Thanks, everyone!

As a thank you gift to y’all, I had my little sister do an original damijon pic based on their sleepover clothes from Superman #21, otherwise known as Damian’s boyfriend shirt :p She’s a budding artist in her own right, and this is her first legit drawing on a tablet. So, I hope you guys enjoy :D

Two Men in Love

“If I asked you now,
Will you be my prince,
Will you lay down your armour
And be with me forever…
When you open me
All the power in me moves,
How you want to see
All the depths of me real,
When you open me,
All the power in me moves,
I feel real…

I love you, I love you…”

~by The Irrepressibles

“Soulmates”, Day 5 for TimKon weeeeeek!!

Do I need to say more?

The song is beautiful, guys. Please listen to it. (●´□`)♡

And I have another “VERSION” for this. *wink wink*
I’ll post it someday.

If The Worst Happens

Prompt Summary: Robin and Regina are trying to figure out who would take in then kids if they die when Henry says that he’s taking care of his brother and sisters. link.


“What are godparents?”

Regina pauses, the knife in her hand going still mid-swipe as she cuts up Clarissa’s chicken. She looks toward Roland in surprise as he stares at her from across the table, his brown eyes brimming with innocence as he waits for an answer. She looks over at Robin and sees he’s just as much thrown off guard by the question as she is.

It’s Henry who finally answers him.

“They’re the people who are supposed to take care of you if your parents die,” he absentmindedly answers as he continues to stealthily text from beneath the dining table. Regina’s eyes whip toward her elder son, silently trying to convey her displeasure at his nonchalant tone. Her reaction goes unnoticed.

“Oh,” said Roland, his eyes going wide with understanding. Curiosity satisfied, he simply shrugs his shoulders and goes back to eating his green beans.

His parents, on the other hand, aren’t left so relaxed. Locking eyes they have an intense silent conversation that ends with Robin clearing his throat and turning to his son. “Why do you ask Roland?”

“Because at school Freddy said that he had godparents and I didn’t know what they were,” he answers.

“Oh. Okay,” says Regina nodding her head, still a bit thrown off.

Another moment passes before Roland pops an even heavier question. “Do I have godparents?”

Regina locks eyes with Robin and sees the answer written clear across his face.

And so begins the longest argument they’ve ever had.

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Tim Drake Headcanons

Hello my lil wings! How are you doing?

So Anon requested:  Hey can I get headcanons for what tim drake x reader argue about when they’re dating and how they resolve things/make up afterwards? There isn’t enough tim stuff out there. Thank you!! 💕 

And they’re right! Timmy needs more love! So today with this headcanons and tomorrow with a new Timmy x reader fic I’ll give Timmy all the love he deserves! 


  •   We all know Timmy
  •   And he doesn’t take care of himself very well
  •   So after months of arguing, crying ect He confessed he was Red Robin
  • It took you by surprise
  •  But then the pieces clicked
  •  Why he looks so bruised
  •  Why he’s so sleep deprived
  •   Why his family now matches the batfamily
  •  Why Red Robin always flirts with you.
  •  Why he smelled the same as your boyfriend
  •   Why RR always yells “IM NOT TIM DRAKE!!” When you questioned his identity.
  •   Since then, you vowed to yourself you’ll take care of Timmy.
  •   Because he can’t do it properly
  •  Alfred is very happy
  •  Now someone controls Tim
  • He has taught you Tim’s favorite foods and (secretly) gave you his secret way of make him sleep.
  •   Valeriana
  •   Even though you have your own way
  •   ;)))
  •   You two argue mostly about how Tim often disappears for days.
  •   And when one of his brothers brings him to your home, with bloodshot eyes, still in costume and more than often, hurt.
  •   You always bring him to your bathroom where you clean and stich his wounds
  •  Then you help him get on his pajamas (because he has clothes in your home, he often sleeps there) and help him to your bed.
  • You bring him a cup of warm milk and lie down next to him.
  • In minutes the two of you are cuddling, asleep.
  •  The morning after you two quarrel about Tim’s poor health care when he is in one of his moods.
  •  More than often Timmy can be pretentious. He ends hurting you with his words.
  •   He regrets it immediately.
  •    Your hurt expression, your teary eyes, your twitching lips…
  •   He felt his heart drop
  •  You slap him in the face
  •   And he deserves it.
  •   You go to your room and lock it.
  •   He runs after you, apologizing.
  •  “(y/n), please! I’m sorry! Just-Just let me in!”
  •   “Go away to your dear computer!”
  •   He ends breaking your door
  •  It’s the 50 door he’s broken
  •  Good thing his dad’s rich
  •  Bruce is not amused
  • Srly Tim, stop breaking doors!
  •  Kissing you all over and whispering how sorry he is, how much he loves you.
  •  “Please-kiss-(Y/N)-bite-I Love-hickey-you-smooch-so much”
  •   “Oh, stop Timmy. You’re getting your drool all over my face! You’re worse than Titus” You push him away half-heartedly.
  •  “You wound me!” Tim jokes
  •  The morning is full of apologizing kisses that turned in playful kisses and in the end things got hot.
  •  “God, I love how you shout my name in your climax” Tim groans
  •   “And I love how your hair tickles me when we cuddle” You giggled
  •   You two sometimes argue about how you wanted to help him in his fights.
  •    He would refuse and refuse.
  •   He had died multiple times and he couldn’t bear the thought of losing you.
  •   And what would his enemies do to you…
  • God he was so afraid of telling you about this for that reason.
  •   Once, you dressed in your jogging pants, a spare Red Robin shirt and a mask.
  •  You appeared out of nowhere in the middle of a fight with Two Face.
  •   You got pretty hurt
  •    Nothing mortal
  •   But yeah, you’ll remember it for a week, minimum.
  •   Tim was furious when you two arrived home.
  •  He angrily argued about how irresponsible you had been, how scared he was, How childish of you it had been… While cleaning your wounds rather softly.
  •   When all was set he kissed all your wounds, the same way you would do it to him.
  •  “Don’t do this again. It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have told you about my secret”
  •   “Of what are you so afraid?”
  •   “…” Tim stopped dead in his tracks
  •    “Timmy? Tell me” You caressed Tim’s face and he rests his face in your hands.
  •   “Of you dying”
  •   “Tim, where did you get that idea?”
  •  “I’ve died, everyone I love just dies or leaves me. I don’t want that for you”
  •   “You won’t lose me, Timothy Jackson Drake”
  •   “I won’t let you go, (y/n) (m/n) (l/n)”
  •   Then you two would cuddle in the couch, with a blanket around you, watching (f/m). Tim kissed your hairline softly after you feel asleep on his shoulder.
  •  Once his brothers caught you two on the act.
  • They don’t let Tim live it down
  •  Jason and Dick joked about it for weeks.
  •  Damian….
  •   Damian was Damian 
  •   “I’m surprised somebody wants you, Drake. I’m sure she’s replacing somebody with you, as you’ve been always a replacement” 
  •    All hell broke loose
  •   Chairs flied 
  •    Knifes too
  •    Your couch was broken
  •   Your TV, too
  •  “YOU DEMON SPAW” said Tim before kicking Damian. He flied and hit…
  •   Yeah, you guessed it
  •    Your door
  •   “MY DOOR :d ” 
  •   “THAT’S ENOUGH !!!” 
  •   Everyone freeze 
  •  Even your average mobster in the alley next to your house.
  •   You sat them and yelled at them to be more responsible, more mature.
  •  Then Batman appeared on the windows. 
  •   Looking at his children, the two older on the floor behind at the couch as protection against those knives buried on the couch. And the two younger being yelled at by his middle child’s girlfriend. 
  •   Then he looked at the state of the room
  •   “I’m going to have to pay for this, don’t I?” Bruce singhed
  •   That night Tim sleep in the counch 
  •  In the remains of the counch* 
  •   You two fight sometimes, but Tim’s love for you goes beyond any categories
  •  He loves you a lot, with your flaws and perfections. He loves your laugh, and seeing you every morning by his side is his favorite moment of all the day 
  •   The same goes for you, You love him even with his Know-it-all attitude and his anxieties, his hearty laugh makes your day and how his eyes twinkle when he has a clue or he has found something important has you falling in love all over again.
  •   When he has to stay up to many nights, you make his coffee and sit next to him. Trying to stay awake until you fell asleep on his shoulder.
  •   He finds it adorable.
  •  Sometimes he brings you to the bed, other times he indulges himself and lets your warmness calm him. 
  •   It makes him work harder
  •  So he can help to make a better world for you
  •  Overall the two of you are cuties who sometimes argue of your unhealthy habits.

Which boy will get his headcanons next?

My Heart is Broken…

“I can’t go on living this way
But I can’t go back the way I came
Chained to this fear that I will never find
A way to heal my soul
And I will wander ‘til the end of time
Half alive without you”

~by Evanescence

“They were his colors”, Day 2 for TimKon week!

Since when did I ever draw Tim this sad?


Stab me in the heart will you. OTL
I’m sorry if I’m posting my TimKon week stuff a day late. (T▽T) 

  • <p> <b>Robin:</b> *wearing a massive dark cloak with cultist symbols down the sleeves, has an ominous brand of Naga's mortal enemy clearly visible on his hand, claims amnesia*<p/><b>Chrom:</b> you're being too cautious Frederick it's fine<p/><b>Henry:</b> *is a Plegian mage with a very similar appearance to Robin, has the same shirt material and also has the eyes of Grima on his outfit*<p/><b>Chrom:</b> Robin's origins are a mystery<p/><b>Lucina:</b> *tells Chrom that he's murdered by his best friend and closest ally in the near future*<p/><b>Chrom:</b> damn I wonder who that could be<p/><b>Validar:</b> *wearing even more Plegian clothing that links to Robin's cloak such as the golden hem pattern*<p/><b>Chrom:</b> I have never once doubted your Ylissean authenticity Robin<p/><b>Hierophant:</b> *literally exactly like Robin down to the name, is the religious leader of a demon dragon cult that matches all the symbology on the robes*<p/><b>Chrom:</b> hey Robin do you know this guy or-<p/></p>