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This is my calendar image for the 2016 Beyond Words Calendar. It is FULL of fancy fantasy authors (see below) grappling with snakes and playing with fire. I’m not kidding. All proceeds go to First Book and Worldbuilders and you can get it here!

I was so nervous about doing this because I get very nervous in front of a camera, very “where do I put my hands??” But I ended up having a ridiculously good time, and come onnnn, I got to have the most Stevie Nicksian of moments. It was glorious. 

1.  Lauren Zurchin shot all of the images in the calendar and it features Tony Diterlizzi, Tahereh Mafi, Scott Westerfeld, Robin Hobb, Ransom Riggs, Melissa de la Cruz, Margaret Stohl, Lev Grossman, Lauren Oliver, Kami Garcia, Jim Butcher, Garth Nix, Patrick Rothfuss, and me (I’m December!). Again, you can get it here.

2. Yes, that’s a real bird. Her name is Banshee and she’s serving falcon realness. I honestly fell in love with her. 

3. We shot this last January, in one of the few patches of snow left in Big Bear. You can learn more about the shoot at Lauren’s blog

Makeup & Hair: Tracey Taylor (If you have an event in Los Angeles, hire this woman.) 

Costume: Jessi Eichberger (who I got to meet at my Los Angeles signing and who is absurdly, magically talented <333) 

Putting a Bird on It: the lovely and patient Rebecca K. O’Connor. 


SUPERGIRL #37 (1999)
DC Comics
Peter David [w], Leonard Kirk [p], Robin Riggs [i]
By JD Jooste


“Heck’s Angels” Part 4, continued from YOUNG JUSTICE #13. Young Justice, still being controlled by winged monkeys on their backs, are headed for Leesburg, while the Maid of Might faces off against Dante for their final dance in his Disco Inferno!

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This comic does not make a good first impression. When I was assigned this comic, my boss guy Alex reminded me that we run a strict “no takebacks” policy, and it’s pretty easy to see why! The cover features Supergirl being sexually menaced by a bargain basement Alan Moore. The good news is that the scene on the cover is never actually presented as a sexual assault in the comic, but the bad news is that they used this exploitive shock cover with sexually charged violence of a teenager.

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