robin pokemon

When I finished the piece, I just realised I made a mistake ^^; (Signe is supposed to have rowlett but eh nevermind xD)

Youtube kept recommending comic dubs of Pokemon Sun and Moon, so yeah, I was inspired to draw the trio with pokemon!

By the way, I’m sorry for the lack of updates. Currentlt art blocked.


A supposed Titan-Pokemon series tied to this Beast Boy and Ditto art I did last year that I’m scrapping and starting over some other time.

These are old and I literally had to redo Robin’s and Starfire’s part three and four times respectively to satisfy myself. I’m incredibly annoyed by it and this TTG! chibi style just ain’t cutting it for me anymore to continue Cyborg’s part and have to make it look the same. Again, these are old, I can’t do that. (Notice how Robin is not so chibi because I had finished him latest.)

But here, I’m uploading these anyway because I know some of you were looking forward to these. Just… take them.

An old sketch that I cleaned up…

Robin frequently took the electric bus to get around in Goldenrod. One particular bus was staffed by a single Pikachu, an old and tattered individual placidly sitting on his shelf, hooked up to the rattling generator, hour after hour, day after day. Robin never saw any other Pokemon on duty on that bus, no matter how late it got. The Pikachu never said much, but that didn’t stop Robin from always picking the seat closest to him and excitedly narrating the day’s events. Robin became great friends with that Pokemon, even if the bond was one-sided, and vowed to one day train a Pikachu to be just as cool as he was.

Drunk Strawhats are Drunk

Luffy: Steals a box of cheerios from the pantry and screams “DONUT SEEDS!!”

Zoro: Passes out on deck and screams “I WASN’T ASLEEP DAMMIT” when someone touches him and then pass out

Sanji: Brings a can of sardines to Chopper and asks if he can fix his buddies and cries

Nami: Hugs the main mast and says “we’re having a moment” when someone asks

Usopp: *throws plastic balls on people* “GET BACK INSIDE, YOU DAMN POKEMON”

Robin: *bumps the main mast* *apologizes*

Franky: “Yo, I can’t hear you. It’s super dark in here”

Brook: *to a mannequin* “Would you be so kind as to show me your panties?”

Bonus: Ace, Sabo, Law

Ace: *Picks up a bar of chocolate* *holds it up to his ear* “New phone who dis?”

Sabo: *shows a picture of himself to people* “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN??”

Law: *sprays the floor with disinfectant*