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Robin’s Nest: Part 19

Prompt: What if the robin’s were batmom’s and bruce’s biological kids?

AN: There’s only one more part after this.

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   You decide on a home birth early on. Your kids look at you like you’re crazy, Bruce looks like he’s going to be ill, and Alfred looks ready to retire. But you have your reasons. This is your sixth pregnancy, which means things should move fairly quickly. Plus, if you have the baby at home that means you don’t have to avoid the paparazzi. Lee agrees to assist in the birth, along with a doula friend of hers. You’re quite certain that you’re ready to go.

    However, this pregnancy is quite different from the others. You find yourself, infinitely more tired. Lee assures you it’s the combination of having eight children and your older age. You pout after the older age part. You’re in your thirties, that isn’t old.

    You hide it for as long as you can, but of course you start to show early. The papers have a field day with the news. There’s references to Bruce not being able to keep it in his pants, raising a nation, and you trying to trap him ever further. You roll your eyes at that; if he hadn’t left after Damian and Helena then he was in it for the long haul.

    Your boys take it upon themselves to ruin any possible paparazzi photos. You find it funny, how they make faces, and jump in front of you. At one point Dick even carries Terry on his shoulders. Your five years sticks out his tongue for the cameras. You can’t help but laugh.

    The months tick by, and you find yourself ready to be done. This particular pregnancy has been demanding physically. Your back always hurts, and you find yourself needing to use the bathroom all the time.

    So when your due date comes and goes without even a braxton hicks contraction, you get a little ornery. You go into labor, in the middle of the night, two weeks after your due date.

You’re wrong on the shortened labor part too. You spend a total of thirty-six hours in labor. By the end, you’re threatening Bruce’s life.

    Maxwell Benjamin Wayne comes into the world at 11 am. He screams, and cries, and is so full of life that you can only smile. You cuddle with him for a good hour, before Bruce carries you out of the guest room, where you’d given birth and back to your room.

    The two of you lie in bed with him for a while, before allowing the kids into the room. You fall asleep to the sight of them passing Max around, and you can’t help but smile, because you finally feel as though your family is complete.


regina mills appreciation week; (day four) favorite happy scene → ice cream run.

Happiness Can’t be Arranged, Chapter 8

When Richard (Robin’s dad) is invited to the Blanchard’s for the evening, Robin and Regina make the most of a rare chance to have the house all to themselves.

For @glindalovesshoes​ who requested Robin and Regina deciding to sleep in the same room in order to shut Robin’s father up about them not doing anything to provide him a grandchild.

Previous chapter can be found HERE.

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CineEurope: Lionsgate Teases ‘Robin Hood’

Lionsgate’s show closed with the very first glimpses of footage from its high-profile Robin Hood reboot, which has just finished shooting and stars Taron Egerton in the lead role. The film – with a cast also including Jamie Foxx, Jamie Dornan and Ben Mendelsohn – is set to hit cinemas in March 2018.

The Hollywood Reporter.

In Starling Green: A Robin Hood AU

It’s a little late, but it’s also about double the length it originally was, so I really hope you like it! 

Summary: Lord Oliver Queen has spent the last ten years in self-imposed exile, fighting in the Holy Wars. Finally at peace with himself, he returns home with his squire, Roy Harper, at his side, but the home he remembers is not the one he finds. Oliver must find a way to reorient himself within Nottingham and Starling before he gets himself into trouble, the kind of trouble that takes the shape of some starving villagers and a beautiful blonde with a big heart.

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Sneak Peek: 

“This is wrong.” Oliver frowns at the scene as he hands over a few coins for a meat pie.

Roy glances at him curiously as he munches on his own apple. “What do you mean?”

It had been his idea to wander the outside market of Nottingham, to get a look at the place he had left and how it had changed in the last seven years. Upon closer examination, it was worse than he had thought yesterday. Only a handful of wealthy merchants actually look as if they have the funds to care for themselves. And the poorer sellers look haggard, skittish like they’re expecting harassment just for their presence.

Oliver turns to stare incredulously at Roy as the kid tosses a hunk of bread to two children and a spare coin into an old woman’s waiting hand. She smiles up at him, squeezing his hand. He grins back before he realizes Oliver’s eyes are on him. He straightens. “What?”

“What? I was just commenting on how this is wrong, but you don’t seem surprised.”

Roy shrugs as they continue to walk. “It’s gotten worse since I left, but it was getting bad when I left.”

“You never said it was this bad,” Oliver grumbles. Roy pulls another couple coins out of his pocket, handing them out liberally. If Oliver had known this was what they would encounter, he would have brought more money with him. “Can’t the Sheriff do something about this?”

Roy raises an eyebrow. “You think the Sheriff doesn’t know about this?”

That doesn’t sit well with him. The opulence in the castle, the rich food at the banquet…even if it was a special celebration, it cost more than a pretty penny and more than could be covered simply by the Sheriff’s income. Oliver may have hated the lessons, but thanks to his father he has some idea of how much crops can yield and how much income the Sheriff can expect, even if he also has the income of Locksley.

“Do you think everywhere in England is taxed this badly?”

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The only moment I have ever actually sobbed during anything on television.

I remember that I was so happy because I was sure that he was going to turn into the real Robin… but then A&E had to screw us once again.