robin of fleet foxes


What’s my name, what’s my station, oh, just tell me what I should do
I don’t need to be kind to the armies of night that would do such injustice to you
Or bow down and be grateful and say “sure, take all that you see”
To the men who move only in dimly-lit halls and determine my future for me

And I don’t, I don’t know who to believe
I’ll get back to you someday soon you will see

My progression of listening to Fleet Foxes new album Crack-Up

Current album rankings:
Fleet Foxes EP: [8/10]
Helplessness Blues: [9.8/10]
Two released Crack-Up songs: [7.5/10]

1st listen: ……………ok. really, that’s it huh? ok then. [6/10]
2nd listen: there definitely were a few good things in there but… i mean it totally is them and their sound but… different in a new way and its just… ok? i guess.
3rd listen: …alright this isn’t as good as their first two albums and im a bit disappointed at the structure of the whole product compared to them? maybe if i listen more…

10th listen: ok ok ok. hold up. hold the fucking phone. i understand that new sound more… that was really interesting. thats… that’s something. and its good. [7/10]

20th listen: …there’s… there’s something hidden in the mix here… its really good. theres layers of great stuff here, new stuff i hear with each listen. the melodies make sense in the context of the whole album, the flow is very much there and i am aware of how tasty it is. i was blind but now i see. this album is delicious. [8/10]

30th listen: oh my god. the structure was always there, every song fits in its own neat place and has its own brilliant hook that strings the whole album together, the melodies of each song have little nuances of genius that linger in your subconscious, seasons your thoughts, accents your surroundings as you go about your day. holy shit…. this is very good material. [8.5/10]

40th listen: i get it all now fuck fuck fuck [9/10]


Fleet Foxes play Fool’s Errand on the Late Show • 10.26.17