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Back in 2009, I filmed some unique and very fun live videos for @nineinchnails. Just me and my Canon 5DM2 in the middle of the stage, following the action in a single shot, one song at a time. It was chaotic, exciting, and very hard to manually focus, but it resulted in my favorite concert footage I’ve ever filmed. Someone on Youtube has taken it upon themselves to stitch all of these videos (originally posted individually) into this long-form piece. So if an hour and a half of intimate on-stage live NIN concert footage from various venues around the world sounds interesting to you, I think you’ll enjoy this.

stephaniie-brown  asked:

so wait you know i'm a sucker for damian and steph's relationship so how do you think it would be if damian was a girl? and her relationship with her other siblings, i guess?

Great follow up question, Rosie! :3

So see, rule 63 Damian would hate Tim based on principle. He’s everything she’s not. Cool. Collected. Better plans. Prime to take her father’s legacy. Prime to take her grandfather’s legacy.

A boy.

She ‘hates’ him, yes, but not who Tim is really. She hates him because he’s a boy and he’s everything she should have been and never will be.

Tim has no clue and it only reaches physical violence once (perpetuated by Damian) because she just can’t STAND it any more

“Why do you hate me so much?!” Tim shouted across the room, blood dripping down into the corner of his eye.
“BECAUSE YOU’RE A BOY!” she screamed, fighting against Dick’s hands. The man scooped her up and her voice continued as they disappeared upstairs, echoing, “I hate you I hate you I HATE YOU!”

Tim crept in the hallway, socked feet barely brushing against the carpet. He stopped outside Damian’s door, fiddling with the edge of his sweater.
“I hate h-him,” he could hear her outside the door. “I h-hate him!”
“I know,” Dick’s voice soothed.
“He h-hurt mee,” she sobbed. Tim’s brow furrowed in indignation. He had pushed her off and maybe she hit her head on the bookcase, but she had attacked first. But then Damian cried, “He hurt me because I wasn’t a b-boy! I couldn’t h-help th-thaaat!”
Tim stepped away from the door. Oh.
He lowered his head and walked out of the hallway.

By extension, she hates Stephanie, merely because of her affiliation with Tim. She does anything she can to make her doubt Stephanie’s place in the family, and almost succeeds. She prefers subtlety and manipulation to boy Damian’s taunting and aggression, so what she says gets under Stephanie’s skin. But Steph…Steph is special. Steph stops snipping back at her when she understands that Damian is hurting just like she was. Sorry excuse for father figures is something in common for them.

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