robin kerr


♥ELVES♥ (from Mirkwood, Rivendell, Lothlorien) Elros, Galion, Feren, Heledir, Lindir, Nestadion, Haldir - my ‘minor elves’ favos!

Elros (Robin Kerr) - Galion (Craig Hall) - Feren (Simon London) - Heledir (Jarred Blakiston) - Lindir (Bret McKenzie) - Nestadion (Jason Secto) - Haldir (Craig Parker)


This is for my own reference more than anything, but I’m trying to see who we’ve all got for minor Elf characters in the Hobbit. Feel free to add more if I’ve missed any or correct names/actors/images! I’m fairly confident on everybody except Elros; I’m sure I have Lethuin’s image right, though it’s a common mistake to label him as Elros.

  1. Lindir/Figwit (Bret McKenzie)
  2. Feren (Simon London)
  3. Lethuin (Eli Kent)
  4. Galion (Craig Hall)
  5. Elros (Robin Kerr)
  6. Meludir (unknown actor)