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Across the Sea [10/11]

Summary: The unintentional, unpleasant run-in Killian Jones, lead singer and guitarist of The Ruthless Pirates, makes with the blonde stranger who is apparently his manager’s friend doesn’t stop him from starting a special bond with her while he has the chance. [Long distance relationship AU]

A/N: OKAY YES, SIX MONTHS LATER I UPDATE I’M SO FUCKING SORRY GUYS HOLY SHIT I’VE JUST HAD NO MOTIVATION AND LUCK UGH. On another note, one more chapter!! The next chapter is the epilogue, which means it’s gonna end reeeeal soon. And hopefully, I won’t take like half a year to write this time.

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Bloody reporters that pick at his love life is a pain in the arse. Really.

Killian: How public would you like for me to speak out on our relationship?

Emma: That can be up to you. Just don’t announce big declarations yet?

Killian: Of course. Just checking in, love…and I love you.

Emma: Moron. Love you, too.

He sighs happily, locking his phone and sticking it into his pocket before running a hand through his hair to brush it away from his face, waiting for Robin to return from the restroom so they can get on with the interview.

Will shakes his head and Killian bumps his shoulders. “What?”

“Nothing, ya just seem happier than any time I’ve seen you happy since I’ve known ya.”

“You know the reason for that, mate.”

Will just nods, a smile on his face. “That I do.”

Despite how Will is sometimes a troublemaker, he is nothing but a loyal friend who’s always up for some beer or rum and TV. Or simply just heading out. He’s been friend with him since college, rooming together and all. Robin came later when Will introduced him, and soon enough, they combined together their musical talents and became a band which is flying off the charts.

Absolutely not something they thought that would happen.

When Robin returns, the crew hustles to get everything ready. He’s squeezed between Will and Robin, well, not exactly squeezed, but sitting between them on a comfy leather couch. (Leather couches are simply the worst during summer time, though.)

The cameras start to roll and the interviewer asks them how they all are, and of course they all answer that with ease. Interviews and attention like this, the promoting, hasn’t ever been the best part. It’s the touring; the amount of places they get to visit, the faces of so many people they get to meet. It’s the stories he hears of how their music helps someone get through their day.

After all, if it wasn’t for the touring, he would have never met Emma, probably. (Unless David or Mary Margaret had intentions of introducing her back then.)

“So, Killian, things seem serious between you and your girlfriend.”

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“Best Performances,” featuring Amy Adams, photographed by Juergen Teller for W (February 2014).

Amy Adams in American Hustle and Her
“I learned to like auditions. I didn’t get most of the jobs, so I viewed auditions as my only opportunity 
to act. I was invested: I would dress the part. When I tried out for Catch Me If You Can, my character had braces, and I wore teeth-whitening trays to the audition—I wanted the sensation of something awkward being in my mouth, of sounding lispy. Amazingly, I got the part.”