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  • Emma: From now on, we’ll be using codenames. You can address me as “Eagle One”. Neal, code name: “Been There, Done That”. Hook is “Currently Doing That”. Rumplestiltskin is “It Happened Once in a Dream”. Regina, code name: “If I Had To Pick a Woman”. Robin is “Eagle Two”.
  • Robin: Oh, thank god.

Killian: From now on, we will be using code names. 

You can address me as Eagle One.

Milah, code name: Been There, Done That. 

Emma is: Currently Doing That. 

Regina is: It Happened Once in a Dream.

Robin, code name: If I Had To Pick a Dude. 

Charming is: Eagle Two.

Charming: Oh thank god.


Look I made a thing

Pretty in Pink (OQ & Outlaw Peanut)

For @sometimesangryblackwoman who prompted me with “Peanut plays in Regina’s makeup” a while ago. Sorry this took so long! Partially inspired by a certain Parks and Rec episode (x) though it grew in the telling.

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Everyone is quick to comment on the particular blue of Vera’s eyes, the match of her father’s, and Regina nods with them, smiling faintly, all the while thinking (half affection, half exasperation) that the similarities hardly end there.

Their daughter has learned well from Robin, has practiced her own variety of sleight-of-hand since she could move under her own power, and it’s these mildly criminal tendencies she chides Robin for, with a put-upon grumble, when he endeavors to steal the covers away, again, on the nights he thinks she’s fallen asleep first.

“You’re incorrigible,” she tells him, “and you’ll make our house a den of thieves.”

She has already caught Henry fiddling at his bedroom door with an amateur lockpick set, and Roland has a knack for lifting sweets from their hiding places in the pantry, and Vera… as soon as Vera could toddle around the house, objects had found their ways into her tight little fists, secreted away in romper pockets or in the blanket folds of her crib until liberated by one or more members of the family during their daily sweep for lost things.

“And will you mind it so very much? Living in the company of such thieves?” Robin asks as he disappears a kiss behind her ear and draws it from her anew, from her lips, before listening for her answer and, ever so tactfully, not reminding Regina that she had once collected hearts with the same vigor that Vera collects lipsticks, nicked from the vanity table that Regina would swear was above the toddler’s reach.

She shakes her head (she disapproves, really, but there is something winsome about all this gentle thieving still) and lets Robin show her just how clever-fingered he can be, runs her own hand over his chest, around the rim of his heart, with a greedy longing.

Perhaps she is just as incorrigible, after all.

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