robin hood dog

sepper2000  asked:

📺, 📽, ✏️, & 🐾?

📺: Wakfu (animated series), Harvey Beaks, Littlest pet shop (2012 tv series), Steven universe, Courage the cowardly dog, Shaun the sheep, pokemon (anime series), Fullmetal alchemist, regular show, ed, edd n eddy, we bare bears, animals of farthing wood, the loud house, Camp Lazlo and Rocko’s modern life

📽: Evangelyne (wakfu), Penny ling (littlest pet shop), Lapis lazuli (Steven Universe), Finnick (Zootopia), Kratz the skunk (Harvey Beaks), Tails (Sonic the hedgehog), Ruby rose (rwby), Lana loud, Rita the fox (jungledyret hugo), Adder (animals of farthing wood), Robin Hood the fox (Disney’s Robin Hood), courage the dog (courage the cowardly dog) and Pepe le pew (looney tunes)

🐾: I prefer both

✏️: Drawing


my mind was in the forest
but my heart took me here 

31/365 Days of Outlaw Queen 


Look I made a thing