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V i g i l a n t e

Kim Taehyung/V x Reader

Summary: It started off as a paid job to protect you until he made it his duty.

Inspired by a K-Drama called ‘Healer’ (highly recommended!!)

The night sky echoed quietly with only the whispers of the wind blowing gently along the tranquil trees as the tall men clad in dark suits stand uniformly amongst the entrance of the grandeur company building. The unspoken rustling of the leaves left an atmospheric and angsty calm feeling amongst the men. The two figures by the entrance stood with their arms to their side as a dark, thin earbud wirelessly connects to a larger network. With their shaded glasses concealing their eyes, they scanned the outside of the building to keep its security tight.

In all its splendor, the building of Kim Incorporated - with the one and only entrepreneur, Kim Namjoon, as its head - stood proud and tall as it hovered above the other business companies in Seoul. Kim Incorporated was infamous for their dirty tactics and scandalous business tricks which evidently affected the wellbeing of the neighborhood. The monopolistic Kim Namjoon sought for power and the government abide to his very demand. Whether it was to burn all contracts from the past to excusing their unlawful actions, the government upholded their decisions.

All the grimy business contracts laid in the safe in Kim Namjoon’s office and if those words were to be released, the government would have no choice but to take action in fear of rejection from the public. But who would go to it? With the intimidating men clad in black lined up to destroy anyone or anything that trespasses into the glorious tower of Kim Incorporated, it was only obvious that nobody would be crazy enough to do such a daring task.

Well, everyone except him.

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Chris and Jonny performing Hymn For The Weekend acoustically at the Robin Hood annual benefit


Chris during AOAL at the Robin Hood NYC annual benefit - May 15

Dancing in the Rain

Set within the Friends with Benefits verse–for the anon who requested Robin showing Regina the pleasures and joys of the rain after a bad day during the Missing Year. Hopefully, its okay that I set this in this verse! And for the anon who requested quote prompt #30: “It’s like you don’t even know me” from my prompt list.

Also for @voguevamp (even though this isn’t the fic you wanted in this verse), @x-wishesonfallenstars-x for your help with it and @outlawqueenbey who reminded me that it would be absolutely silly not to make this even just a bit smutty. 

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anonymous asked:

I am the same anon here. The people who say Zelena isn't fit parent before she has given birth also think Robin is fit when he is already a bad father to the son he has.

Very true. Robin let another man use his four-year-old son as bait for a wraith, and the monster almost took him. Robin dragged Roland on a dangerous quest through a portal to deal with the Dark One, when he should have left him safe in Storybrooke with any number of families equipped to care for him. Robin has already proved that he is a neglectful and dangerous father who knowingly and deliberately puts his son at great risk. Yet the same people who claim to know that Zelena can’t be a good parent, before she can show that she is or isn’t (if you don’t count those months when she actually was being a mother to Roland, and apparently doing well at it), ignore Robin’s established failings as a parent.

ETA: the primary responsibilities of good parenting are, in order, love, security, opportunity. That is what you give your children, as much as you are able, self-sacrificing if you must.

  • love
  • security
  • opportunity

It is hard to find examples of Robin showing Roland love; but perhaps we just have to imagine them off-screen. Strange, though, that we don’t have to imagine the many on-screen examples of Regina showing Henry love (or even Zelena in Marian-guise showing Roland love).

Robin denies Roland security. He isn’t just neglectful in this regard - he actively pursues courses of action that put Roland in great peril (see above).

Roland is a little too young to take given opportunity yet, but a father who denies his son security isn’t the kind to deliver an even costlier benefit.