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Hello, I know you said you don't like receiving praises, but your art is truly fantastic! You really make the Obitine pairing "come to life". All the history-inspired art is great, too. Could you draw a Robin Hood/Lady Marion themed Satine & Obi-Wan?

Oh dear, I guess I do sound ungrateful, don’t I? Very sorry, sweet anon, thank you for your kind words, and please know that I am always happy that you like my art.

Also I am a big nerd about Robin Hood myth (Paul Creswick’s novel from 1917 with the Wyeth illustrations is my favorite version), so this was a pleasure:

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Hi, my birthday is 1th of February! I would really like everlark! Robin Hood! With p as robin and k as lady Marion! Thank you so much!

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Happiest of birthdays!!! The always delightful @andthisisthewonder has crafted this beautiful story, just for you! We hope you enjoy!

Mobs & Nonbelievers

Rated T

A/N: Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy this story, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Katniss glanced over her shoulder one last time before she turned the corner, and the lone torch went out of sight. The thin candle in her hand cast just enough light to keep her from bumping into the damp stone wall or wandering too close to the cells. There was only darkness behind the bars, but she could hear the labored breathing of the men locked down here. While she doubted they could see her clearly, she yanked the hood of her green cloak down further to cover her face.

The smell of piss and sweat followed her through the narrow corridor. Thick and overpowering, it forced her to breathe through her mouth. She kept her head down, her eyes glued to her feet. She knew conditions in the dungeon were poor, but she had never expected this. While she was sure there were some dangerous criminals down here, murderers and rapists that threatened the safety of the kingdom, she knew there were others guilty of much less serious crimes. Men who had stolen in an attempt to provide for their family or expressed their poor opinion of the king to the wrong person.

Men who refused to live with injustice, who had taken matters into their own hands.

Men who would die for the people they loved.

Men like Peeta.

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The Lady and The Viking

(This is the Ragnar Soulmate Au. The character in mind is inspired by Lady Marion from Robin hood, in the more traditional sense. I realize that this imagine is not all together historically accurate but for the sake of the Imagine just go with it) :) I was in a more romantic fluffy mushy mood right now.

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Ragnar had become separated from his kinsmen after a long raid. Something had gone wrong and they had become overpowered very quickly. One of his men had pushed him off a cliff to avoid being shot by an arrow. The last thing he truly remembered was plunging into the fast moving current of the river. When he had awakened he found himself in a strange area he did not recognize. Pulling himself from the bank he quickly found a road…but which way to go? Left? Or Right? Looking back and forth he decided to go to the left. 

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A/N: This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s SPN Movie Night Writing Challenge. My movie prompt is Robin Hood.  A big thank you goes out to my amazing betas!  @myfandomlifeisaverage and @maraisabellegrey I couldn’t have gotten this to be so good without your help.

Summary: Reader is betrothed to the Prince of Hell, Crowley, but then crosses paths with someone she knew during childhood.  Now she must decide which path the rest of her life will follow and deal with the consequences that will result from her decision.

Pairings: Crowley x Reader/Dean x Reader

Warnings: None (yet)

Characters: Robin of Locksley (Robin Hood): Dean of Lawrence; Little John: Little Sam; Lady Marion: Reader (Y/N); Allan a Dale: Angel a Cas; Guy Guisbourne: Crowley; Sheriff of Nottingham: King of Hell, Lucifer; Handmaiden: Charlie

Word Count: 4,386

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Everyone stop what you’re doing and watch this immediatly

I’m NOT celebrating Robin’s death.

Yes he’s one of the characters I dislike the most– that’s no secret, but I didn’t want the writers to write him out like this. It is an insult to the iconic character and yet another injustice to Regina’s development. It’s gross that they would kill him, because- you know who did deserve to be put out of the picture PERMANENTLY, since, like, three fucking seasons ago? Hook! He has died like, what, three times? And I’m tired of them breaking their own “rules of magic” (::snorts:: what are rules even for them? Oh, right, they only can’t break the rules when it comes to Regina or Rumple). Anyway. Dead is dead!

But more importantly, this is a big injustice to Robin Hood because:

  • He was father to two children; one of which had already lost his mother, and now he’s lost his father too. Why? This is so unfair.
  • He was a “good” guy. I don’t remember him wearing trophies from his murders, unlike SOMEONE who even used one as a romantic present.
  • He showed Regina she could be loved (romantically) again.
  • He was a victim of rape! What in the actual hell?!

And even though I like Zelena (because I mostly fan over female characters) it is outrageous that SHE - his rapist - would be given a True Love story, and without any redemption other than giving birth and wanting their child. I was rooting for her to actually do some sacrifices to deserve her second chance, but what they gave us was half-assed and plain ridiculous.

But Robin gets killed off? 

Instead, we’ve seen Hook be brought back over and over, and now CS is even making out in the graveyard, having their little reunion (according to the picture spoilers). You’re out of your mind? What is wrong with the writers?! I get it, CS is their little high school fantasy, but this is utter bullshit. I do hope he’s no more than a ghost, because that’s offensive.

Why couldn’t they have Robin meet Marian in the UW and bring her back instead, since there are actually no rules? They had True Love in the fairytale book, they could’ve let them pass any silly “tests.” They could have Zelena protect him from Hades because her sister’s happiness is more important than her own now, and to atone for what she did to him - have her be selfless for the first time (give them an Elsa/Anna parallel) - so we could see actual redemption from her part. And if Hades is such True Love of hers, he could give up his God status on exchange of a second chance for Zelena (revive her)? This way everyone gets something, not just fuckery. 

My point is: there are better ways of writing a character out!

My main reason for disliking the OUAT version of Robin Hood (and OQ) was because they cheapened his True Love story with Lady Marion to make way for Regina, but they did it in such a vile way (heartbreak, deceit and rape), I wish they had not given her a love interest at all. Not only did they make Regina suffer, they also made Marian, Roland, and Robin pay for it. If it was to teach Regina she could be loved again, I think they could have made it differently and still have her learn this.  ::drops mic::

This is criticism to the writing, please don’t hijack my venting post (like the other) to stan for Hook. His “redemption” story to me is just as lengthy and profound as Zelena’s is: shallow, immature, and around a love interest - void.

Not sure if anyone will remember these 2.  Marion got her Robin Hood back in the form of Jason Connery, but their relationship never seemed to have the beauty of the one she had with the original Robin, Michael Praed.  (The spiritual aspect of this show saw ‘Robin Hood’ as a mantle which could be passed on to another after death).  Here’s their ending as Robin gives his life to save Marion and his merry men.  Robin of Sherwood