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100 days of Robin Hood: 30/100

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oq + 46? (:

46.“Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”
Also for @willow1411 who requested OQ in the College Dorms.


She looks around her with the critical eye only a mother can have. It was a lot smaller than she remembered it. The dorm room.

She and Emma had toured the school with Henry months ago and it had seemed so much more impressive then, so much more modern. Now it just seemed so small and blank compared to his room back home. There wasn’t much in it just a desk and a small twin bed.

Regina couldn’t believe this day had come so soon. She was dropping Henry off at college. It seemed like just yesterday she’d dropped him off kindergarten and she and Robin were sifting through boxes helping him to get set up in his first home away from home.

After getting accepted to a few schools Henry had settled on NYU. The writing program was excellent and he knew the city so it just made sense. She, Emma, Robin and Hook had all decided to drive up with him and get him set up in his dorm room. Snow and David had drawn the short straws on staying behind to protect the town and watch the kids. It was all bit much but for the past few weeks they’d all been trying to stretch out their time with him as much as possible. After today he wouldn’t be home for months.

Sitting on the cot, she refused to call something this uncomfortable a mattress, Regina sifted through another box of clothes. She and Robin were unpacking a few of Henry’s boxes while he went to the store to get other necessities with Emma and her pirate. Robin was sorting through Henry’s expansive book collection while she had decided to put away her son’s clothes. He’d never been particularly good at doing that on his own. As her hand reached between the fabrics of Henry’s old shirts something smooth and cool brushed against her fingers. Gripping it in her hand she pulled out a small frame that held a photo of her and Henry inside. Looking at it she instantly knew it was from their pre-Emma years. Henry couldn’t have been older than nine, a wide close-lipped smile on his face as she wrapped him in a hug and rested her chin atop his head, something she hadn’t been able to do in years now. It’d been so long since he’d been that little. He’d changed so much the last ten years. Grown from a little boy with a storybook to a full-fledged hero. Who knows how much he’d change now that he was leaving her for good?

The thought knocked the air from her lungs and springs in Henry’s new “mattress” creaked as she plopped against it.

After placing the last of Henry’s books atop his dresser Robin turned to her. “Have you seen the…? Oh.”

A lump had already formed in Regina’s throat and she blinked back tears as tried to smile up at him. “I’ve let him go so many times before. It’s just never going to get easier, is it?”

Robin shook his head at her sadly. “I’m afraid not, love.”

“Yeah I thought so,” she mumbled.

Robin took a seat on the bed next to her and laced his fingers between hers. “Feeling a bit apprehensive?”

“No,” she lied.

He arched an eyebrow at her. “Regina…”

“Maybe a little,” she admitted with a roll of her eyes. “I just feel like… it was already hard enough to keep him close when he slept down the hall from me. And now he’s going to be miles away.”

She sighed as she ran her fingers over the frame in her hands. “Things have changed so much in past five years. I mean, I wouldn’t trade Roland and Dawn for anything in the world but with us moving in and raising the kids together and him getting older and more independent… it just feels like there hasn’t been as much time for just us. You know, like it used to be. And now I won’t even get the chance to see him every day. What if this is when we finally grow apart?”

Robin wrapped an arm around her sympathetically. To be honest, he’d been waiting for the moment when Henry’s departure would finally hit her.

“Regina do you know one of my favorite things about this world?”

A line appeared between her brows as she turned to him with a quizzical look. “What?”

“Just how easily its inhabitants have made it to communicate,” he answered wistfully. “I remember living in the Enchanted Forest and knowing that if someone I knew went on a journey there was a chance I wouldn’t hear from them for weeks or months. But here it’s different. They’ve found a way to move a voice across a country, and let you see someone through a screen on your desk. I don’t know how but they found a way to make it so you can have someone be far away yet keep them close at the same time.”

A smile tugged on Regina’s lips. “This world’s greatest magic.”

“Regina you’re an excellent mother,” said Robin. “And your bond with Henry will always be special. No matter how much distance is between you it’ll always be there.”

“But what if he doesn’t call or write or skype?”

“That won’t happen.”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Well you certainly seem confident.”

“I am,” he said with a smug smile.


He tapped his finger on the frame in her hands. “Because when we were packing up his room last week he checked three times to make sure this photo was in his box. He didn’t want to forget it.”

“He didn’t?”

“Of course not,” replied Robin. “Just because he won’t be in the house any longer doesn’t mean that he’s done with you. You’re still his mother and he’ll always find room for you in his life. Even if he’s living it four hours away.”

“It’s five hours by train,” she mumbled sullenly.

Robin gave her stern look. “Regina.”

“Fine. I guess it’s close enough.” She sighed as she looked down at the photo. “It’s just so strange to think I’ll be leaving here without him.”

Robin squeezed her shoulder comfortingly. “Don’t worry, love. He’ll miss you.”

She smiled at him pitifully. “Not as much I’ll miss him.”

“Would you really want him to?”

She sighed before shaking her head and whispering, “No. Cause if he did that would mean he wasn’t ready.”

“And thanks to you, he is,” replied Robin softly. He pressed a kiss to her temple before standing from the bed. “And if it makes you feel any better Hook told me that Emma cried during the car ride over here.”

A burst of laughter flew from her throat. “You know it really does. Thank you.”

She stood from the bed and placed the framed photo on the desk next to the window. Her little prince was now all grown-up.

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Sean also took the Robin Hood off his twitter bio

I saw that. Admittedly, that gave me pause. Serious pause. But until we have something considerably more concrete, I’m still going with my previously stated theory. Because adjusting your twitter bio is still only circumstantial evidence at best. I change mine all the time. 

ETA: It’s important to note that none of the regular OUAT cast (Lana, JMO, Colin, Josh, Emilie, Robert) have their OUAT characters listed in their bios (the only exception is Bex). They only have “actor,” which is what Sean now has as his descriptor. So it’s entirely possible Sean adjusted his twitter bio to better match theirs or to become more generic so he didn’t get typecast as Robin Hood.

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What do you think of all this rumors about Sean leaving the show? I'm getting more than a little anxiety from it honestly, if they would kill him off then what's to say they will actually save Killian? It's times like this when I kind of hate being in fandom and getting so much inside info/rumors/spoilers :(

There have been rumors about Sean exiting OUAT permanently for over two years (same with Colin). This is nothing new, really. It’s just a little more creative this time around. 

However, if that announcement is in fact accurate, here’s my opinion: it mentions that Sean finishes the show in March. Well, so does the rest of the cast. OUAT stops filming in March for the season. In all likelihood, Sean is only looking for work while OUAT is on hiatus. Most of the other cast generally work on projects while OUAT is on break. Lana spends her time at cons because she can command a high rate. Sean doesn’t make as much money at cons, so he needs to find outside work to supplement his income, especially with a new baby. 

So basically, if true, I just think Sean is looking for work during hiatus. That’s it. Until we have a solid piece of evidence to corroborate Sean exiting the show, I wouldn’t worry. 

Different adaptations of Robin Hood depict the Sheriff of Nottingham with different degrees of iniquity. Early television portrayals showed him as a well-meaning official intent on stopping the merry lawlessness of Robin Hood’s men, while more recent works tend to depict him as maniacal or power-hungry. Alan Rickman played an ambitious version of the Sheriff in the 1991 film Robin Hood: King of Thieves, plotting to marry into royalty and claim the throne for his own family.

Photo: Warner Bros.

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Is that "announcement" the only piece of evidence sean's leaving? B/c it's not a legitimate source at all if that's what people are getting worked up over. Maybe he wants to work over the hiatus for once? Nothing official yet guys - breathe for now!

The announcement and the fact that Sean removed “Robin Hood” from his twitter bio. However, neither of those are sufficient evidence to me. And someone recently mentioned that Sean eliminated “Robin Hood” from his bio awhile ago–long before this announcement was made, so the two events do not correlate. 

Both the announcement and twitter alteration can easily be explained away. Like you mentioned, it’s entirely likely that Sean is looking for hiatus work, as OUAT breaks in March. Last season, Tanya was having the baby so he probably didn’t want to commit to anything that would interfere with that. That’s not the case this year. And, as for changing his twitter bio, every regular OUAT actor (minus Bex)  has only ‘actor’ listed. No one provides their character name, so it’s entirely feasible that Sean altered his bio to match theirs and/or avoid being typecast as ‘Robin Hood.’

So yeah, my policy in regards to this: I’m refusing to panic, until I’m given legitimate reason to do so. IMO, the above events/evidence are circumstantial at best. I understand why Robin and OQ fans would worry. I get it. I love OQ, Robin, and Sean. But, I find it counterproductive to worry about something that is merely conjecture. It’s basically an “I’ll cross that bridge when it comes to it,” scenario.