Not Confirmed: Dylan O'Brien being considered for the cast of Robin Hood

Yesterday (31), Deadline reported exclusively news about the new adaptation of Robin Hood produced by Lionsgate. Read news in full to understand the actor’s connection with the new franchise.

Hollywood currently has Robin Hood in mind, with numerous competing projects in the works, including Disney’s “ Nottingham & Hood , "Sony,” Hood , “and Warner Bros with an untitled film that has Will Beall (” Aquaman “,” Gangster Squad “) in the script command. And there’s the Lionsgate ” Robin Hood: Origins “, which is pulling ahead with a way to cast.

The highlight for the British actor Taron Egerton who is on the short list of ” mini-major’s “path to follow to Sherwood Forest, along with his British counterpart Jack Huston, Nicholas Hoult and Irish-American actor Jack Reynor,. The actor of The Maze Runner, Dylan O'Brien is also believed to be considered. Scheduling is a problem for some of these young actors of the moment.