robin hibbard

Battle of the Exes tonight=STUPID

Ugh I now Hate CT and Diem. They backstab Johny and Camila first after they have done nothing to them, and then they send in Mark and Robin. Since Spoilers say Mark and Robin go home, At least im now happy with the fact that CT and Diem dont win. Diem was completely a fake bitch tonight. Saying Rboin and mark havent done anything to make it this far. I’d like to direct attention back to Diem’s previous challenges like The Duel, The Duel 2 and the Gauntlet 3. She didnt do anything and made it far. The one season she didnt have people to take her far on her team was the ruins, and she got the first boot. Such a hypocrite. Hopefully, Whoever comes back from the dome will WIN. Andi f spoilers are true then Johny and Camila do win!!!!!

If you think that by me and Aneesa going in it’s gonna help you out then go and vote for us in there, but if it’s not going to help you out umm well if when the voting happens remember you know whichever comes back it doesn’t really matter because you’ll still have us on your team like for voting for guy day if that makes sense.
—  Robin, The Challenge: Rivals