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BatFamily Situations
  • <p> <b></b> (Fighting crime together)<p/><b>Red Hood:</b> *humming Hamilton while fighting*<p/><b>Damian:</b> You're kidding me.<p/><b>Red Hood:</b> Fools who run their mouths off wind up dead.<p/><b>Criminal who knows Hamilton:</b> AY YO YO YO YO!!!<p/><b>Red Hood:</b> *shoots them*<p/><b>Red Hood:</b> Like I said.<p/></p>

I can’t find the exact page, but I remember @whore4batfam had a headcanon that Damian was a great rapper and that this was yet another reason he thought Drake should fear him. 

And ever since, I’m like. Picturing him in the mansion, looking around. Alone. Alfred’s out. It’s midday. So he goes down to the Batcave with the best speakers, turns it up-

“I am not throwing away my - shot! I am not throwing away my- shot! Y’know I’m just just like my country, I’m young, scrappy, and hungry-”

Theatrics -- Tim Drake x Reader

I love Hamilton, so I had a blast writing this! Just a quick disclaimer: I do not own Hamilton other than in CD/mp3 format. Enjoy my lovelies!

The request for this prompt can be found here.

Word Count: 787

You loved Tim, you really did, but sometimes he could get a little carried away.

The life of a crime fighter easily led to some bad habits. Perpetually tired and caffeine addicted were two such traits Tim had developed over his career. His obsessive urges to finish a case as quickly as possible was another such habit. You could recall countless times your boyfriend had showed up late or flat out canceled dates just to spend more time on his caseload. When you two had finally moved in together, you’d hoped he would make more time for you. You admitted he made more of an effort now, but some things never change.

You huffed in annoyance at the sight of Tim hunched over his laptop sitting on your couch. His blue eyes scanned the screen rapidly, soaking up all the information he could. He had been like that for the past three hours. You could feel yourself losing what little patience you had left for the man you were madly in love with. Idly you wondered if this is what the girls who dated Bruce felt like when he ditched them to go be the fearsome Dark Knight.

Stepping out of the kitchen, you walked over the engrossed vigilante. Your iPod was playing softly as you passed by it. You two shared a mutual love for music and musicals so it was rare for songs not to fill the air of the apartment. Currently, you had the soundtrack to Hamilton playing. You knew every word to every song as did Tim. Spontaneously singing and dancing to the tracks were a regular occurrence, which gave you an idea.

After checking to see what song was coming on next, a devious smirk came to your face. You reached over and turned the volume up. The change caught Tim’s attention and made him look over to where you were standing. He cocked his head in confusion until the opening chords of “Say No To This” began playing. A smirk of his own crossed his lips. Placing his laptop on the coffee table, the dark-haired male sauntered over to loom over you.

“There’s nothing like summer in the city.” You sang trying to match Leslie Odom Jr’s pitch. You failed miserably, but it did get the intended laugh from your boyfriend. “Someone under stress meets someone looking pretty. There’s trouble in the air and you can smell it. And Alexander’s all by himself. I’ll let him tell it.”

You gave Tim a challenging look. Not one to pass up a challenge, he smirked in acceptance. Placing the back of his hand against his forehead, he slightly leaned back and dramatically began to sing.

“I hadn’t slept in a week. I was weak, I was awake. You never seen a bastard orphan more in need of a break. Longing for Angelica, missing my wife.” He held out his hand toward you as he sang the next line. “That’s when Miss Maria Reynolds walked into my life, she said.”

You took the small step forward to minimize the space between the two of you. Placing your hand gently against his toned chest, you fluttered your eyelashes attempting to look innocent.

“I know you are a man of honor. I’m so sorry to bother you at home, but I don’t know where to go, and I came here all alone…”

As the two of you continued to sing along, your antics became more and more overly exaggerated. Neither of you were taking the lyrics seriously and by the time you reached the chorus, both of you were laughing loudly. AT some point, Tim had attempted to twirl you around and made you lose your balance. You squealed in alarm wrapping your arms around Tim’s neck. The two of you ended up in a heap on the floor still laughing. You snuggled closer to the man’s chest and sighed in bliss. He chuckled at your actions, but didn’t pull away.

“What was that all about (Y/N)?”

You smiled at him playfully. “You needed a break and I needed to spend some time with my boyfriend.”

“I have been neglecting you lately, huh?” Tim looked guilty at his words. He leaned forward a placed a soft kiss to your lips. “Let me make it up to you.”

“If it doesn’t involve food in some way, I’m not interested.”

“It amazes me how you’re not fat from how much I see you eat.”

You cried out in mock anger. Swatting his chest half-heartedly, you pouted at him. “Meanie…”

“I’ll order us a pizza once we get through this soundtrack, then we’ll eat and binge watch something on Netflix. Sound good to you?”

“Sounds perfect.”

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3 Things I Learned About Lafayette

From reading Sarah Vowell’s Lafayette in the Somewhat United States, a funny, quick nonfiction read that isn’t even a little bit intimidating. Give it a try even if nonfiction usually puts you to sleep!

1. Terrible dancer

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Marie Antoinette literally laughed him off the dance floor.

2. America loved him (so, you know, that hasn’t changed)

But just to paint you a picture, when Lafayette returned to New York in 1824 for a Revolution victory tour, 80,000 people turned out to welcome him. For comparison, only about 4,000 screaming fans met the Beatles when they visited.

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3. World’s biggest Washington fanboy

Lafayette wrote this about Washington in a letter: “His graceful bearing on horseback, his calm and deportment which still retained a trace of displeasure… were all calculated to inspire the highest degree of enthusiasm. … I thought then as now that I had never beheld so superb a man.”

He also named his kid after him, and I don’t mean he named him “George” - he gave his son both names: Georges Washington de Lafayette.

Bonus Washington Fact:

The man could swear.

General Charles Scott described it thus: “Yes, sir, he swore on that day till the leaves shook on the trees. Charming! Delightful! Never have I enjoyed such swearing, before or since. Sir, on that memorable day, he swore like an angel from Heaven.”

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so. what do you think of young justice?

Story time, folks.

Way back in 2012, when I was a high school student, young and carefree, my friends invited me to see Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. It had just hit the theaters. 

Now I didn’t know anything about Batman back then– I hadn’t seen the other movies, and I didn’t really want to– but you don’t just say “no” to your squad. So I went. On the walk to the theater, my buddy gave my the rundown on the first two films and mentioned that she hoped a Robin would appear in the last installment.

A Robin?” I asked her.

“I think there’s lots of them,” she said. “At least three.”

She’d been watching a TV show, she explained, that had two of them. And there was another, in between them, that had died.

“A robin died??” (I was shocked.)

“Yes,” she told me, and she promised she would show me that TV show the next time I was at her place. My house didn’t have television.

I enjoyed the movie, and a few weeks later, I went to my friend’s house for her birthday party. Around eleven, we settled in for the night– my friend remembered her promise and turned on that tv show, which I learned was called Young Justice

Six hours later, I was still watching, clicking through episodes as my friends dropped off to sleep one by one. I was fascinated. I was transported. I had to know more.

And well, here I am.

I love Young Justice.