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Rome, 1888 (oq au)

my fifth entry for the @oqpromptparty, friday. 
199. Robin & Regina meet & fall in love in their 50’s.

He was in Rome since, merely, a week, and he was already in love. Not with a woman – it was entirely too early for that, although his caring nature could have eased one’s way in his heart and gained his affections. He was in love with the city…

His cousin, Margherita, had so kindly proposed an Italian escapade – at her place, she’d written, in a morning letter, to mellow his gloomy mood and cheer him up, for he was too shamefully sad and she didn’t think it was wise nor healthy, too brood after his late wife.

Marian had died after an exhausting sickness which the doctors couldn’t treat. Their son of thirty, Roland, had come back from America – a long trip by boat, he’d missed the funeral, but said he wanted to be there for his father. Robin had relished his grandchildren’s love, children he’d seen for the first time. But Marian and his memories were craved in his heart, and staying there in the very same house where they’d created those memories was simply too much. Roland had soon noticed the deterioration of his manners, patience and moods.

Margherita’s invitations had come one day, as he was having breakfast with Roland and his wife Grace. Come here with us, Margherita had written, this air and this sky will do wonders for your mind, you’ll go back as a new man.

So Italy it was. A long journey, preceded by the goodbyes to Roland and his family, the hugs with his grandkids and his daughter-in-law. He’d given orders for the house to be looked after while he was gone. The servants had splayed white cotton pieces of fabric above tables and sofas, and some of them had gone to work elsewhere, as he didn’t know when he’d be back in England. Margherita and his husband had welcomed him with kind words and a behavior that was – maybe – a bit too coddling for his liking. As if he were a convalescing man, they’d lower their voice when passing ext to his room on the first day, until he’d asked them to stop, that he wasn’t sick, he was melancholic.

But then, Rome had bloomed in autumn, and the season of dancing and great meetings had reopened. It was lively, the capital, and Margherita’s house was in such a perfectly situated place, that he’d fallen for blue skies, the nearby fountains and the roman ruins.

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“Galaxy Quest” TV series in the works

Okay, remember when you were complainig about AbramsTrek, and said  it was time for a Star Trek series to return to TV? Yeah. Then remember when you   argued online for days about which Universe it should be in? 

Well, looks like Paramount  read the arguments, decided to pick “none of the above”, and, according to Deadline, have greenlit a TV series based on “Galaxy Quest”. 

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