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Amazing things about the last issue of Batman


Jason, Dick, Damian, Bruce and Duke having lunch at a Bat-burguer place (where they have red hood action figures and jokerized ships, that Jason wants to try). 


the way Bruce eats a hamburger and the fact that the boys make fun of him for it (plus Damian trying to kill Jason with food).


the way they talk about their deaths as it was nothing, and Duke being the only one who realizes thats not normal. 

this hole issue was just like a big fanfic and I love DC for it.

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What would the Batfam give to Dick in his bday?

-Bruce would probably give him some money or something because Dick has gone through numerous phases and so his interests always change and there was that one year where he asked Bruce to buy him a $999.99 dollar friendship necklace set of two forks that said “father” and “son” on them (Bruce said no, Dick was very upset)

-Jason would get him like a rock or something he found in a dumpster and wrap it in duct tape and just watch Dick struggle to open it before seeing that it’s trash. And then Jason would give him a nice card or something like that

-Tim would get him a nice sweater because people always steal Dick’s sweaters (usually Tim, Damian, and Cass) but it would probably be one that Tim wanted and would later steal

-Steph would get him a gag gift like a Batman snuggie except Dick would genuinely love it and so the humorous effect is lost but she’s glad Dick likes it

-Damian would go all out on a gift and then act like it’s no biggie. He’d probably paint something really cool and then brush it off like he didn’t just spend a month and a half making it

-Cass would make him a really cute card and get him something he had wanted/needed that he had mentioned offhandedly in a conversation a while back

-Babs would get him clothes probably because lord knows this man child cannot dress himself in a way that doesn’t make him look like a colour and pattern blind person

-Duke gets him various Superman paraphernalia that Dick could decorate his room with (and it always makes Bruce super pissed off/secretly jealous)

-Alfred would make him all of his favourite dishes to take back to Blüdhaven so that he doesn’t get as homesick for Alfred’s cooking

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Batkids as book first lines

Dick:“He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad.”

Tim: “I’m pretty much fucked” (The Martian)

Jason: “When you have to kill the same terrorist twice in one week, then there’s either something wrong with your skills or something wrong with your world. And there’s nothing wrong with my skills.”
(Patient Zero)

Damian: “Everyone had always said that John would be a preacher when he grew up, just like his father. It had been said so often that John, without ever thinking about it, had come to believe it himself.” (Go Tell it on the Mountain)

Cass: “I was an ambitious girl child. I knew even then that I had to be, in that environment of thugs, thieves, killers, prostitutes, gamblers – you name it, you’d find it in Trench Town.”
(No Woman, No Cry: My life With Bob Marley)

Babs:“No one who had ever seen Catherine Morland in her infancy, would have supposed her born to be a heroine.”
(Northanger Abbey)

Duke: “I had just come to accept that my life would be ordinary when extraordinary things began to happen.”
– Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Steph: "For the better part of my childhood, my professional aspirations were simple–I wanted to be an intergalactic princess.”(Seven Up)

Family Vacation

Prompt: The batfam at Disney World!
AN: This was edited by my wonderful team of beta’s who continue to plow through my stories.
“I am not wearing these.”
You stare at your second oldest son and cross your arms, “Yes you are.”
You raise an eyebrow in question, “You’re whining like a two-year-old right now, I hope you know.”
Jason’s eyes narrow a bit, “I am not.”
You take a breath, “Put on the damn ears Jason.” Somewhat reluctantly he puts on the ears. You look over the rest of your family; Dick’s and Duke’s mouse ears are firmly in place, with smiles on their faces, and he’s somehow gotten a pair on Damian without shedding blood. Tim’s ears are on though they are somewhat crooked. Cass’ are on, though her eyes are looking upwards trying to figure out the meaning, and sure enough Alfred’s are on his head, and perfectly straight. You glance at Jason one more time to make sure his are on, they are, before turning to your husband.
He’s staring at you with that usual smirk on his face. His arms are crossed against his chest, and he has that “challenge me” look in his eyes. Before he can realize what you’re doing, you take a running start and jump on him. You lock your legs around his waist, your arms around his neck, and you kiss him.
You make sure he’s fully involved in the kiss, before you pull back, and Dick snaps the ears into place on his head. Grinning, you jump down. “Now that we’re all ready, everybody in front of the castle, and so help YOU if you don’t give me nice smiles.”
After you make sure everyone is in the correct position, you have an employee take your picture. You have him take about fifty, because damn it you’re in the happiest place on earth and you’re going to make sure your family has fun.
Smiling you take the camera from him, thank him again, and smile as you go through about fifty of the best pictures you have ever taken as a family. Giving a happy little squeal, you slip the camera into your backpack, and say “All right boys and girl, they’re getting ready to open the park, let’s begin the family fun. Fun being the key word. And keep in mind, if I hear one ounce of complaining about the family fun, I’m extending this trip by a week.”
There’s a bit of muttering, as the kids get together and try to decide where to go first. You just watch with a smile as your family goes from superheroes to regular kids. As Bruce’s arm wraps around your waist, and pulls you into his side he asks, “Are you happy?”
Grinning up at him, you kiss his jaw and say, “Now that you’re wearing the ears, I’m downright ecstatic.”
“I’m going to have to wear these things all day aren’t I?”
You nod, “Oh yeah. Personally, I really like them.”
He smirks, “I’m sure you do.”
Wrapping your arms around his neck you kiss him, as the sound of people begins to reach your ears, “Thank you for getting us in early. That picture means a lot.”
He just kisses you again and says, “Anything for you.”
The click of the camera has you pulling back, and you grin at the sight of Alfred with the camera. The butler simply shrugs and says, “It seemed appropriate with the castle in the background.”
You smile at the butler, as a very impatient Damian says? “Let’s get going. We don’t have all day.”
Laughing you say, “You’re right Damian, we only have ten days!” And without another word you grab Bruce’s hand and set out for vacation fun.

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What's it like if the Batfamily is watching Jepordy together?

-everyone is yelling over each other and there are legitimate threats to their lives from the others. They take it very seriously

-If Bruce and Alfred aren’t there and it’s just the kids, they play “High Stakes Jeopardy”, in which a wrong answer increases your chance of bodily harm. Basically one wrong answer = five minutes of the others being able to chase the offender with whatever weapons they want

-Tim and Babs are really good at the historical categories, Damian is decent throughout, Dick is good in the random facts categories, Jason is of course good in literature categories, Cass is surprisingly very good at outwitting everyone in the final round and winning it all, Duke is reluctant to play because “There is no way I’m going to lose a damn limb over a game of Jeopardy”

-The kids have been trying to convince Bruce to have a Jeopardy type fundraiser in which they could go up against the “geniuses” that show up at Bruce’s galas and try to show that they’re smarter than the assorted batkids

-Basically it’s a shitshow if someone isn’t mediating when they play because it becomes no holds barred and people WILL get hurt

There are 3 people/things that I really want to see in Season 3 of Young Justice (In no particular order):

Damian Wayne

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Jason Todd as the Red Hood

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And the Gotham Academy kids

Anything else is just icing on the cake to me, really

Batkids and fundraising

Idea came from @atomicnightbear
- In school (or at least when i went to school) there was always fundraisers for like PTO or new school items.
- Now the batkids would have to particpate because well they are school students.
- Bake sales are the easy option, or so they think.
- Dick learned it firsr, but Alfred insist the kids help with making the food since it was for their school.
- No matter how many times they destory the kitchen or set off the smoke alram Alfred sticks by this rule.
- Jason impressing all his classmates with browines.
- Jon wanted to join in, so he made Puppy Chow with Damian for his schools bake sale.
- When it comes to selling stuff like wrapping paper or cookie dough, they totally use Bruce.
- Like he leaves the sellling sheets in his office and with his secretary.
- Needless to say they usually meet their goal.
- Duke proving he can do it without Bruce and raising a lot of money.
- 13 year old Dick convincing everyone to buy cookie dough.
- Tim now working at WE when Damian does the fundraiser and getting himself a few tubs of it and telling Bruce to not let Alfred know.

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The Batboys and their favorite of Damian's pets

Bruce: says he doesn’t like them/have a favourite but is a total sucker for Titus

Dick: loves all of them, is high key an animal person. Hangs out the most with Alfred the cat (and the person too)

Jason: Titus, he’s a dog person and if he has nightmares and is at the manor for some reason, Titus keeps him company while he tries to calm down

Tim: BatCow, since BC is in the cave Tim sees BC more than most of the other animals

Duke: he and Titus get along very well, Duke often plays with him and will secretly feed him under the table