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One Piece ワンピース [Whole Cake Island Arc] : Nico “Devil Child” Robin

In regards to some of your asks about Robin’s outfit in the -Commander Smoothie vs Nico Robin- post, here is the full design. Mafia Robin!

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One Piece ワンピース [Yonkō Saga / Whole Cake Island Arc] : “Minister of Juice” Commander Charlotte Smoothie vs Nico “Devil Child” Robin

[Commander Smoothie] "Quickly! We must get to the East Gate before--who are you?!" [Nico Robin] "Mil des Arbres."

Whole Cake Island is fun but I’ll admit it didn’t live up to the hype! (except the amazing commanders kek) I miss having the Strawhats together! Need me some Robin/Zoro/Usopp/Franky haha Also I’m kind of sad Oda didn’t play more on the mafia concept he had going, was expecting some slick Wiseguy lines. And I’m still waiting for Sir Cracker to return, c’mon 800m! Get back in the fight boi! Anyways, where the Smoothie fights at tho? Dear Oda, we still waitin’. kthxbai.

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It’s a foreshadowing. Pudding leaves Charlotte family to become a straw hat. (Nop)

Agh sorry a lot @k-nico-robin that I’ve completely forgotten to write you back!!! Pudding’s behavior in last chapter is odd but I guess she really has some sort of split personality-kind of stuff going on, maybe because of her third eye? 

People are talking about whether Pudding will join the SH and I agree with you that if there is no big twist of fate in the storyline then it’s not going to happen. Reason why I don’t believe in that scenario has nothing to do with shipping but the fact that she is currently not only really unstable but also for all what she has done in previous chapters. She can be swooning for Sanji now for real and even have a crush but we shall not forget few facts about her actions which in my opinion speak against her joining.   

1) Pedro never trusted her in first place:  

When they met Pudding at Choco Town Pedro was always very doubtful with her appearence. He had known Big Mom from earlier events so no matter how nice Pudding was she never really gained his trust.

2) She lied to the Retrieval team, luring them into trap in Seducing woods: 

Friendly Pudding drew a map for her new friends telling that they’d meet Sanji and her later. Unintentional or not that “promise” lead them into set of serious trouble (i.e Chopper and Carrot being trapped into Mirror World and the fight with Commander Cracker which ended up for Luffy and Nami being jailed).

3) She was pretty honest with her plans in Prisoner Library

First of all Pedro was very right about Pudding, she tricked them all a big time!
I will probably talk about this in SaNami in the New World pt. 4 once I manage to finally write it but shortly said the scenery where she is whispering about murderous plans with such smile in front of Sanji’s friends after telling lies isn’t really the most ideal ground for flourishing friendship. Ever since Pudding left them into jail with teary face Luffy had been really disappointed and clearly has trust issues with her. 

4) She shot Reiju and tried to hide her crime 

Reiju experienced some bloody surprise when Pudding ambushed her with her gun. What caught my eye was that sadistic smile she wore for mostly the whole time when she talked. Then when she was editing Reiju’s memories with her DF abilities you can see the excact moment where she shot her in that film roll-thingy that comes out of Reiju so it verifies everything. The only motive for her to edit Sanji’s sister’s memory is to clean the crime scene.  

5) She hurt Sanji with her words

Linked to previous part Sanji heard everything from distance and this indeed made him think twice about his wife-to-be. Honestly how would it feel to realize that you’ve been a complete joke for someone you trusted in your darkest moments?

6) Luffy doesn’t trust Pudding anymore

Many things happened in the Tea Party and now that Pudding is back we can clearly see that Luffy isn’t pleased to see her around. He is angry and very doubtful which is rare but very understandable. Luffy is a guy who goes with instinct when it’s about trusting strangers and his trust is easily earned usually. Pudding seemed to be nice and he is thankful for the map but also felt really disappointed when she never showed up to the promised location. 

So it looks like Luffy is not in good terms with her at the moment in the newest chapter and his first comments indicaded into that because if he trusted her still why would he say things such as “wanna fight” and more importantly Pudding’s “evil” side seems to provoke his anger (but her behavior also it confuses everyone). However, he trusts that Sanji can nail the plan and lets him go there despite all the disagreements with Pudding. 

7) What would Pudding’s role be in SH crew if she joined? 

This is one big questionmark for me and I’ve been talking about this with some of my mates in Tumblr. Usually when Straw Hats get a new member in crew they have some sort of “profession”/talent. For example, ever since the beginning Luffy searched for a musician and they also had to find a doctor so Nami wouldn’t die because of a disease. When it comes down to Pudding, it’s hard to see her having a certain role inside SH community. Yes she has a dangerously strong gun but that doesn’t make her a good fighter. Also, her DF powers may be powerful but could they benefit that anywhere? (well, she can confuse the enemies that’s good but still she wouldn’t be a super fighter). 

We shouldn’t also forget that Straw Hats already have someone to prepare food for them (if Sanji is not able then the others except Luffy can help) so I don’t see the skill of making sweets being  crucial enough to let her join after all the mess. The only plausible role she could have is her ability to read Poneglyphs but they already have Robin for that so if she joined what would Robin then do? Of course they can have people with same skill but still somehow the idea sounds unworking. 

As said in the beginning, so far it is highly unlike to see her as a Straw Hat Pirate and I still believe to the theory of her following Lola’s footsteps but since OP is sometimes unpredictable anything can happen. However, if she joins despite everything I hope we have logical explanation for that.