robin cave

Headcanon No.12

Helena is a HUGE Supergirl fan, like she stalked her for a good few months, Tim helped her pin point her location so they could “bump” into each other. Of course Supergirl realised what happened but only after a year of stalking.

“Tim is that your sister in that tree over there”

“Just leave her… it’s easier that way…for all of us..”

“But she can just come over here..”

“Just no please…”

Thanksgiving with the Team
  • The week of Thanksgiving M’gann research traditional Thanksgiving.
  • Wally has Thanksgiving with his family.
  • Artemis spends time with her mother.
  • Robin also leaves the cave.
  • This leaves M’gann, Conner, Kaldur, Wold, Sphere, and You
  • M’gann wakes everyone up dress up like a pilgrim.
  • You can’t help but laugh.
  • Kaldur is very confused.
  • Conner just kisses M’gann cheek.
  • M’gann smiles and starts cooking.
  • You turn on the tv to the Macy’s Day Parade.
  • You know all about the parade.
  • Kaldur and Conner ask you about it.
  • You tell them the history about it on commercial breaks.
  • When you see the Snoopy balloon you tear up.
  • You remember watching this with your aunt every year.
  • Snoopy was her favorite balloon.  
  • You help M’gann with some of the food.
  • Artemis shows up to the cave first.
  • Followed by Robin.
  • Then Wally.
  • Wally turns on Christmas music.
  • Artemis tells him to turn it off since it’s not Christmas yet.
  • It doesn’t happen.
  • You and M’gann sing.
  • Wolf tries to steal the ham.
  • You pop him with the wooden spoon.
  • “Conner. Get Wolf or I’m putting him in time out.”
  • Conner pulls Wolf away.
  • Artemis sets the table.
  • Afer the parade the guys go to football.
  • Artemis is very into it.
  • Once dinner is ready football get turned on low volume.
  • Everyone says something they are thankful for.
  • “I’m thankful having an awesome group of friends. Even you Wally.”
  • “Gee thanks.”
  • There are no leftover because of Wally.
  • After dinner, you all seat in the living room and watch tv.
  • Huge group nap.

Every moment she spends soaked in the light is another she’ll regret later when she’s shrouded by darkness once more. 

This is inspired by ninzied​’s fan fic ’Under’ ( - Hope you like it Nina!


I had a nightmare that I was Tim and I had to find Kon and Damian they were missing and I was looking all over a vast underground place, like days of searches while loosing hope that they could be found, it was horrible and now I’m wide awake at 6:30am on a Sunday, teach me to read their deaths before bed