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Batman: This is a covert recon mission only. Observe and report. 

The team: …………

Medieval/Robin Hood Kacchako AU fic idea

X Ochako is from a well loved royal family who fell on hard times. After a brief war, their modest kingdom was absorbed by the powerful Todoroki kingdom.

X The new rule is hard on the villagers, as king Enji immediately raises taxes. Many suffer because of this.

X To appease the masses that loved the Uraraka family, Enji decides to have his son prince Shouto marry princess Ochako.

X They have ZERO chemistry, not to mention Ochako hates his dad and desperately wants to escape so she can spend her life adventuring around the kingdom. She’s tried a few times but the guards always catch her.

X To show off his wealth as well as to announce the engagement, king Enji decides to throw a masquerade ball for all the royal elites.

X At the ball, Ochako strikes up a conversation with a dashing red eyed blonde in a black mask. He has an explosive attitude, but she prefers it to the polished smiles she’d grown used to. She spends most of the night trying to guess who he is. There’s definitely dancing.

X In reality he’s there to case the place and determine easy ways to get in. He’s annoyed with himself for being so distracted, but at some point in their conversation she reveals how easy it is to get in and out of her window, if only there weren’t so many guards. He files this knowledge away for later and finally pulls himself away from the irritatingly fascinating round faced princess to complete his work.

X In the nights following this there’s a series of thefts from the Royal treasury. Enji is pissed and moves most of the guards to the places he thinks the thief is sneaking in, thus moving them away from the grounds near Ochako’s window.

X As Ochako prepares for bed one night, she hears a soft rustling outside her window. Upon looking she comes face to face with the same red eyed rogue from the ball, still in his black mask.

X With nothing to lose and figuring she can call for help if needed, she allows him to hide in her room in exchange for telling her why he was doing this.

X “Isn’t it fucking obvious? I’m stealing from the rich bastards to give to the poor.”

X He ends up using her room to enter the castle for his nightly burglaries, and these evening chats between them become routine. This lasts until King Enji catches on and increases security around her quarters, locking her away as punishment for helping the thief.

X With the wedding fast approaching, the famed thief Bakugou Katsuki decides that he wants to steal something more valuable from the Todoroki family than his usual bounty: The princess herself.


- Bakugou’s band of merry men is absolutely the Bakusquad (maybe plus Deku). They’re a bunch of good hearted outlaws in tights

- Platonic Ochako and Todoroki bonding, and I haven’t decided who I want to pair him with because I love both TodoDeku and TodoMomo.


The thing which I drew in old days
It is a favorite animated cartoon and the character of comics affected in youth.
If there is a favorite character of everybody, I am glad.:D


Today I changed the clothes to Amber, to dress Beloved as Lord Golden ♥♥. I miss this hobby!

Robin Hobb © Amber, Lord Golden
Dia Soom and SDGR Body
Faceup by me.
Monique Wig
GaroDoll eyes
Amber Clothes made by Firi
Lord Golden clothes by DollHeart

Love, From OQ Master Fic post!
  • By the Grace of Fire  @the-notsoevil-queen’s gift for @gonewasanytraceofit
    synopsis:  Outlaw Bandit with a dark twist - When Regina met Tinkerbell, she found herself lead to a tavern where a man with a lion tattoo, her second chance, waited for her. She took a chance on love, and ran away from the King with Tink by her side. But the Queen has kept the truth about her dark magic a secret, even from Robin, and it may just put everyone she loves in danger.

  • A Valentines Day Surprise @believingispowerfulmagic‘s gift for @sweetsmiles1 
    Synopsis: Regina makes a birthday wish for Robin to come back.
  • A Kiss to Set her Free  @ariestess’s gift for @rcgalbeliever
     Synopsis:  For the first time since that fateful night in the stables, Regina feels a stirring of hope that love could be hers again as she finds herself standing outside a village tavern.

  • Signed Sealed Delivered: Valentines Day  @audreysl0ve‘s  gift for @the-notsoevil-queen
    Synopsis:  Set in the Signed, Sealed, Delivered verse: First Valentine’s Day after getting back together as a couple

  • Wildflowers @ofpumpkinspices‘ gift for @Illseeyouthrough (deactivated)
    Synopsis: Regina owns a flower shop.  Robin is a frequent customer, who also becomes an employee of sorts. :).

  • So This is Love blt_tana (twitter) gift for @spiral-nebula
    Synopsis: Robin and Regina have a sexy, (not quite so) lazy morning

  • Post-its and Paperclips: Valentine’s Day @brookeap3’s gift for @repellomuggletum15 
    Synopsis: Set in the Post-its verse, Robin and Regina celebrate their first Valentine’s Day.

  • There’s Something There (That I Simply Didn’t See): @dee-thequeenbee’s gift for @theonewithoutaclue 
    Synopsis:  A Play in Two Acts – Where Love Overcomes Hate, and Two Lonely Souls Find Each Other

  • I Don’t Think I Can Say Goodbye: EmeraldHardy8 (twitter) fic for @queenmills101 
    Synopsis:  A Valentine’s Day inspired OQ AU. Love is all around us even when one of us won’t be here for very much longer.

  • Happy Valentines: Evil_Outlaw (twitter)’s : gift for @ankareeda
    Synopsis: Missing Year Valentine’s Day. Lots of DimpesQueen

  • Moments: FraiseDandelion (twitter)’s gift for @lala-kate
    Synopsis: The Hood-Mills family have a domestic moment, while Regina thinks about their struggle to get to where they are today.

  • Before Sunrise @ghostofstartraveller776s gift for @jenningz 
    Synopsis:  Coffee before dawn and long work days can wear on anyone—even a superwoman like Regina Mills, single mother and business executive. She finds quiet solidarity for her hectic days from an unusual source: the nameless resident in the building across from hers who seems to share her unholy schedule. (Modern/Non-Magical AU)

  • The Dark Forest @glindalovesshoes’ gift for FraiseDandelion (twitter)  
    Synopsis:  “A man is lying on the sheep’s wool, unconscious, bleeding. His face looks as pale as the white wool, which is already drowned in blood from the wounds on his body. The shaft of an arrow is sticking out of his shoulder, the shirt he is wearing ripped and soaked in blood. Regina bites her lip before she makes a decision. What does she have to lose?” OQ AU
  • As Long As We’re Together @gonewasanytraceofit‘s gift for  @audreysl0ve
    Synopsis: Canon Valentine’s Day: Regina and Robin have a heart to heart about Regina’s inner fears/insecurities.

  • My Songs Know What You @the-alpha-incipiens‘ gift for @glindalovesshoes  
    Synopsis: DragonOutlawQueen. Mal, Regina, and Robin make a sex tape that David accidentally finds (and watches)
  • My Grumpy Valentine @gray-autumn-sky‘s gift for @believingispowerfulmagic 
    Synopsis:  Henry explains Valentine’s Day to Robin, and that Regina has never much cared for the holiday.  Robin is intent on changing her mind.

  • Happiness Can’t Be Arranged @gray-autumn-sky‘s gift for @ghostofstartraveller776
    Set during the Regency Period, Henry and Cora arrange a marriage for their daughter in an effort to save their family’s name and estate.

  • Heaven Sent a Hurricane @idoltina‘s gift for @mysterious-song 
    Synopsis:  After a spectacularly terrible Christmas, a hidden gem of a New Year, and a surprise meeting, Robin finds the course of his life in Holiday Land vastly altered. By the time Valentine’s Day comes around, he’s more miserable (see: overwhelmed, terrified, doubtful) than he ever wanted to or thought he would be. And while the prospect of a night in may make a rather dull holiday for most, Robin finds that coming home to Regina might be just the thing he needs 

  • Coffee  @illseeyouthrough’s gift for @Evil_Outlaw (twitter)
    Synopsis: A Valentine’s Day set up that goes terribly…right? Outlaw Queen AU.

  • Valentine’s Day inlovewithlanap (twitter) gift for blt_tana (twitter)
    Synopsis: Regina works in a flower shop and Robin is a frequent client who finally summons the courage to ask her out.

  • Capturing Light @yamariah  gift for rockchalk4583 (twitter)
    Synopsis:  He never thought he’d capture the moonlight again. She never thought she’d capture the sunlight again. But when Robin and Regina meet via grief counseling, “never” becomes a word they’d forget.

  • An OQ Mixed Tape @jenningz’s gift for @sydsorbet 
    Synopsis: Robin surprises Regina on Valentine’s Day

  • Storm Front @lala-kate  gift for @starscythe
    Synopsis: A thief goes in desperate search for a cure for his son, and finds a resilient queen whose broken heart is in equal need of healing

  • Untitled @littlejoregal gift for politeregal (twitter) 
    Synopsis:  Takes place right after 6x10. Spoilers from the promo of 6x11 included.  

  • Blooming Most Recklessly @loveexpelrevolt gift for @belleoftheballpoint
    Synopsis:  Five universes, five something-like-love stories; Or, four times Regina and Robin deal in flowers and one time they deal in hearts. [Storybrooke, pre-curse, Missing Year, Camelot, Outlaw Bandit]

  • I Love You LucyLovesOQ’s (twitter) gift for @ouater Synopsis: Set in the missing year,  as the castle prepares for a Valentine’s Day Ball, Robin and Roland care for a grieving queen

  • Stumbling @oparu’s gift for @brookeap3​ 
    Missing Year DOQ: Maleficent and Regina struggle with losing their children, and seek comfort in each other, Robin, and Roland.