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I love how the Strawhats spend their free time

Nami and Robin shopping for clothes

Sanji shopping for ingredients

Then we have Zoro

Lost again

septicemiiy  asked:

how long did it take to make the anti intro for pax?

For me it took about an hour with everything including set up and “make up” and swapping stuff in and out. It then took Robin like 7 hours (maybe longer) to edit it all down to what it ended up at. 

It takes a LONG time to make stuff like that even though it’s only two and a half minutes long. Probably why there’s not more stuff like that :P

until the very end of OUAT i won’t lose hope that some day baby Robin will not be a baby anymore, but a badass brave teenage girl who will burst into her auntie Regina’s office with a bow and arrow and say “we’re gonna get my dad back, whether you like it or not. i know you loved him, and i love him too. we’re gonna find a way” and then they both go on a magical quest together to bring Robin back

and by some day i mean season 7, new casting, new story to tell

boom, problem solved

  • Akira: People dress 'cause they like to get dressed, but you just dress... to get dressed.
  • Ryuji: It's only a hunch, but I'll betcha a bunch, he wears suspenders, a belt, and a vest!
  • (Akira peeks under Goro's coat, and nods)
  • Goro: Am I correct in my assumption that you gentleman find my habiliments, er, reprehensible?
  • Ryuji, to Akira: I think there's something wrong with his throat.

HAPPY ROBRAE WEEK!!!! :D I promised I’d contribute and, although I’m not really happy with it (I’m my own worst critic), I want to share with the community anyways! So, for the theme of College AU, I made a sequel to a RobRae one-shot I wrote a while back! Do enjoy! :D

Part 1 can be found here

The last thing Raven wanted to do was be cornered by Garfield Logan in what appeared to be an interrogation.

The spry blonde youth effectively blocked her path in the hallway with his arm, and he leaned in with a mischievous glint in his jade green eyes. He was wearing a coy smile and seemed to have forgotten everything about personal space.

Raven leaned back, scowling up at him.

“Ever hear of a breath mint, Logan?” She mocked, scrunching up her nose in distaste.

Of course, his breath smelled fine. However, it was an efficient way to quickly make the highly self-conscious boy back off, if only by a little.

She saw his eyes widen in embarrassment, and he breathed against his palm to see if what she said were true.

Minty fresh, as usual.

He then fixed her with a glare and resumed his invasion of her own personal bubble, the tip of his nose a mere few inches from hers. “Nice try, but you’re not getting out of this one, Rae. I know all about professor bubble butt, and I want details.”

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