((The ol’ never seeing the face until the final fight!! Also listen, Bayonetta remembers Ren vividly as a child so it takes a while to really recognize your kid when they’re a teen give her a break ;) ))

@cookiethedoge ((Thank you baby doll!! <3)



So me and my (ex)boyfriend were arguing outside (it’s suuuper late btw) and mid-argument Nightwing comes out and starts to defend my case against my boyfriend. My ex had accused me of cheating, I didn’t, but he didn’t believe me :’( in the end my ex ended up leaving MY apartment and Nightwing decided to chill/comfort me while watching re-runs of The Golden Girls! Nightwing - “You don’t need him anyway sis.” #OnlyinGotham #ThanksNightwing<3 

Three months ago I wasn’t in a good place, and most nights I went to the bar and got drunk. One night I stepped out for some air but instead ended up throwing up on the pavement. Next thing I know Spoiler is next to me holding my hair up and patting my back! Long story short, me and Spoiler meet up every three months to talk about how I’m doing and what’s new :) #OnlyinGotham #Spoilerisadorablelol #shetellsmeRedRobinissuperhotunderthemask

Me and my friend (she’s from Metropolis) was talking about the Wayne family and she started comparing them to the Kardashians. I said they are NOTHING like the Kardashians but apparently to her, Bruce is Kris, Dick is Kim, Jason is Khloe, Tim is Kourtney and Damian is Kylie. So I tweeted out the exact comparison she gave to me on to twitter and tell me why the Jason Todd responded back saying “No I’m the Kim of the family, tell your friend I’m the one who runs this bitch.” #onlyingotham #whathaveidone #Jasonimsosorrymyfriendisanunculturedswine #shesfromMetropolisshedoesntknowanybetter 

Me and my friends are apart of this little rock band and sometimes we play on the roof. Tell me why one day, while we were practicing, Red Hood came up to give us a listen. He stayed three hours to give us advice on our music so we could improve! #gostreamus #OnlyinGotham #RedHoodknowshowtoplaythebass #hekeptgivingmybassplayeradvice #shook

My brother just told me this story about how he was at a party and some lady called the cops to get them to stop the noise. He said once the cops arrived one of the cops knew one of the other kids at the party so 10-15 minutes later the cops started partying with the kids. THAT’S NOT ALL- next thing you know Red Hood was there (in the area I guess???) and everyone freezes, even the cops. Everyone is terrified because…um it’s Red Hood like hello? Next thing you know Red Hood is now throwing darts and drinking Vodka with a bunch of cops and college students and if I don’t have this experience in college I don’t want to go. #onlyingotham #redhoodknowshowtodrink #Nightwingcamelateronandhadtodraghimoutthepartyapparently #mybrothergotanautographfromdrunkredhood 

Kidnapper: We’ve got your friend!

Damian: Wrong number.

Kidnapper: What?

Damian: I have no friends.

Kidnapper: Then why’s this lady saying your gonna kill us and then take her out to get chicken and act like nothing ever happened?

Damian: oh that’s my Habibti!