Riko Sheriden, We Are Robin (2015)  //  DC Comics

Username: R-iko

Age 16. Current student at Middletown North. 4.2 GPA. Marching band freshman year. Quit because of performance anxiety. Drama student, but refuses to perform. Excels at art and English. Struggles with math and science despite excellent performance.

Hobbies include costume design, sewing, manga, anime, music, wing chu, kung fu san zoo, and singing, although will never sing outside the safety of her room.

Batgirl fanatic.

Adoptive parents are David and Rita Harris-Sheridan. Birth parents killed in auto accident. Riko, an infant at the time, miraculously survived without a scratch. (X)

Art by Khary Randolph & Emilio Lopez

Long ago when wave 4 went up for preorder on various websites, I may have preordered several copies of Lucina/Robin/Ness because I was super paranoid of my order getting cancelled and I wanted those 3 the most. I ended up with a ton of them, which I gave to a bunch of friends as gifts. But there was a preorder from YesAsia that I totally forgot about that shipped last week, and I was like well, I’ve probably supplied my entire circle of friends with Robin and Lucina so I’ll do something fun with these.

So I’m doing a give away! The internet loves those things! You are entering to win Robin and Lucina. These are the Japanese edition, but amiibo are region free so these will work with your Wii U+3DS regardless of where your system is from. They are brand new but I apologize if cat hair gets on them, I have 3 cats.

Here’s the rules!

  • US entries only! Huge bummer I know, but I do almost all my shipping through Fedex because my local USPS has mean people so I avoid going there. Fedex international shipping is crazy, even to Canada.
  • You must be following this blog! I’m rewarding cool people that follow me.
  • 1 reblog counts as an entry. But please limit reblogs to once a day so your followers don’t suffer. (you will see me reblogging this to my main blog, I do not count obviously)
  • You obviously have to be comfortable giving me your home address.
  • Deadline to enter is July 31st, winner will be announced a day or two later. I will PM you here on tumblr to let you know you won, so please have your asks open. If I can’t PM you because they’re off, someone else gets chosen.