This is about Valentine’s-y as I’m going to get this weekend. Pacific Rim AU! (Because the OTP is drift compatible and no one can convince me otherwise) 

Chrom and Valarie, pilots of the Jaeger, Desert Rose! Eventually I will actually design it. 

Between the two, Valarie is more experienced. Her previous partner was her mom but she’s no longer around. 

I guess this also serves as a height comparison between the two. Hah. 

The copypaste: 

Do not use, crop, edit, re-post, redistribute, sell, trace, or copy my work.Reblogs and links are fine.

Valarie is a customized unit. Please don’t use her art for your own unit, or tag her name as anything other than “valarie”, “robin”, or “rufure”. Generic “my unit” and “avatar” tags are also fine.

Angie’s hopes and dreams of getting her wife to wear a maid outfit have been crushed in the Fates realm. I’m sure Lucina will make it up to her somehow. Also I’m trying to get a small comic page done for Valentine’s Day! This weekend is pretty hectic work wise so it might be a day or two after.

*Typo fixed!