robia la morte

a better season 7, #4

Wasn’t it ridiculous that with a Big Bad that could use the likenesses of the dead to torment the living, Jenny Calendar wasn’t even mentioned all season? I know Robia La Morte didn’t want to play the First Evil again, but Giles could have at least talked about seeing her, right? In season 7 Giles was severely lacking clear motivation and emotional life. Just one simple scene of him talking about Jenny could have added so much to his character development.

Likewise, Willow could have talked about seeing Tara as a way of getting around Amber Benson not wanting to play the First.

And the First wouldn’t have to use Tara and Jenny in some over-the-top evil way. Just showing up looking like the people Willow and Giles had loved and lost could have messed with them. (another problem I have with season 7 is that the First could have messed with everyone in so many little, subtle ways, and it didn’t. It was boring and obvious instead)

I’m thinking, something along the lines of… Willow is acting jumpy, and Giles asks her what’s wrong. Willow says it’s nothing and leaves the room. But later she comes back and confesses, “I’ve been seeing Tara. I mean, the First as Tara.” 

“Are you all right?” Giles asks, worried.

“Yeah, it’s not bad,” She says, reassuring. “Mostly, I see her - it - when I wake up, just lying besides me and smiling. Or, I walk into the bathroom and she’s there, brushing her hair. And she just looks at me, and fades away.” Willow pauses. “It’s been nice,” She adds quietly, almost ashamed of herself.

“It’s been going on for a while, hasn’t it?” Giles asks, a little distant.

Willow nods. “A few weeks. But these past couple of days I haven’t seen her, and… it’s the dumbest thing… I know it’s the First… but I miss her.”

“I know how you feel… I’ve been seeing Jenny,” Giles says. “Or, almost seeing her. Every now and then, she’s leaving the room just as I come in. And I hear her sometimes. She sounds so close…”

“You really want to see her, don’t you? Even though you know it’s not her.”

Giles nods. 

“Does it make you feel…” Willow says tentatively, “Does it make you feel like… if we lost… it might not be so bad, because then you might see her, really see her again?”

Giles doesn’t say anything, he just looks at her, and Willow knows he feels the same way as she does. 

“I guess that’s what it wants,” Willow says.

“I guess.”