This is for @pearlapisbomb prompt three: AU/Earl x Bob. This is a 60s/70s AU where Pearl (or “Earl”) and Lapis (or “Robertta” - “Bob” for short) are married, raising their strong, beautiful, charismatic teenage daughter, my fusion Angelite (Or “Angel”/“Angie”). I have always loved those AUs where the Fusions are offspring of the two Gem participants.

When I started shipping these two last year, I have always use my personality and my relationships with my partner to reflect on my Pearlapis art. My partner is definitely Lapis - she is a very fun, bubbly person around me but distant and indifferent towards others. She, like Lapis, has been through a lot. I am definitely Pearl - I am emotional, often prideful but I mean well. Sometimes I often get looked down by others, but I am happy to be the person I am.