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oops sorry, it was me, Robertta, that is why i knew your name! :) i am glad everything is okay :D

ahahahhahaha oh, hi Robertta!! hope you’re doing good as well <3

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ohhh i have to go to watch the movie too! I have to ask my friend for that, i don't like to go to the cinema alone! LOL but i have to wait till all that family party ends XD. Yay! You are definitely going to the GP, that is so nice. I am so happy that everything is going well for you, you look happy and that is nice :D good luck on your exam!

:’) thanks so much, Robertta <3 yeah, i asked a friend as well ahahha i don’t go to the cinema, like ever, because here in spain it is REALLY expensive, so i just wait for the movies and i download them haha but The Avengers is worth the money for once! 

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Hola Sandra :( Estoy muy triste. I am Robertta by the way! And i'm going back to Brazil tomorrow, noooo hahaha. How are you, lovely? Tell me something :) I heard yesterday was "Sant Jordi" right? Was it nice? I will try to talk to you tomorrow and next week but i will maybe be busy. Do you have any new plans for these next weeks? I will go to a concert in 13 days! XD

Ooooh, noooo hhahaha holidays come to an end :( did you enjoy your stay tho? hope so!  i’m doing fine, thanks! And YES it was Sant Jordi!! I have to say that Barcelona looks the most beautiful on April 23rd each year <333 (just saying in case you followers plan to travel over here some day hahaha)
No plans for next week… I’m planning to attend the SpanishGP in 3 weeks tho!! (you can tell this was a last minute decision haha) looking forward to it! What about that concert you say? who’s playing? *-*

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Robertta is here! Still having wi-fi :D I am in Oporto (my grandma is from here!) and i just woke up, thank God i am used to wake up early and that doesn't kill me a lot lol but still suffering from jet lag XD. I am fine, having fun with my cousin. What about you? Are you okay? Still happy? :)

OMG, jetlag? you mean you’re in Portugal? Q_: because at first I thought there had to be a place wth the same name in Brazil as well haha, but if you’re awake you must be in Europe O.o That’d be soooo close :’( 

My grands were from there as well, btw! Well, not from Porto, but from Braga. It’s pretty close! I’m just in front of you, on the other side of the peninsula hahahahaha :’( 

And yes, here I am… still studying! Exam is in two weeks. Hope you have a great time there! Very beautiful spot, great atmosphere… Specially with good weather!! Hope that’s the case :)

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helloooooooooo i am robertta and i found wi-fi! hahaha XD how are you beautiful girl? is everything ok? :)

HIIIIIIIIIII!! Glad you found wi-fi haha where are you??? are you having fun??

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maybe i didn't get wi-fi and you didn't get my message? i'm robertta! :(

I got it!!! I’m sorry I was away!! I was using my phone to reblog and I didn’t see the message :(

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nooo, but children are adorable! so cute and little hahaha i want to have at least four, two boys and two girls :) And yaaay! Happy tears! What happened? I love to know you were happy, hope you still :D and don't worry, Daniel is adorable, how doesn't have a crush on him? ;) Sorry for my bad English, hun, i feel like i can't talk properly. And do that question thing again! :D From 1 to 117!. Robertta.

I don’t know… I just don’t like to be around them… I don’t know what to do and most times they even annoy me >.< Anyway, hope you have as many boys and gils as you wish and that they are all helthy and happy :D

I know, right?! Daniel is just lovely… Damn boy :_

What do you mean your English is bad?! I mean, I’m Spanish… Who am I to judge, right? ahahahaha but it sounds good to me!! Sorry for mine as well then… haha

OMG SO MANY QUESTIONS! Now I’m going to the doctor and then I’m cooking sushi haha but I’ll answer them after that :)))

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it was so nice to read your answers again, Sandra :) and you look so pretty! i love your smile, so beautiful and powerful! keep smiling like that! :) I'm going on a trip now with my family, i won't be able to speak to you for a while, i hope you still being happy and hope you get healthy, you deserve it :) adios! Robertta.

ooooh, a triiiip!! that’s so cool!! I’ll wait for you to tell me about it when you get back then ;) haha thanks so much!! :) Tenha boa viagem, até outra vez!! tchauuuu<3