seadoome asked:

If anyone is new to vegetarianism or just wants something new to try, Morningstar products are phenomenal. They look and taste like meat but are completely 100% vegetarian friendly and actually way better for you. Reasonably priced too, the "chicken" patties are like just over $4 for a box of 4, so thats like $1 for a "chicken" sandwich which is way cheaper than ACTUAL chicken sandwichs and they still are amazing.

Hey, I’m going to make a perk about this if you don’t mind.

thephantompunch asked:

Whoah, fast service! Thanks for the answer, I'll tell you what I think when I seet it :)

Hey, you’re welcome.  Since I answered, a few people sent me their advice on the movie

thesockthief said: Zombieland is really brilliant. It falls down slightly on its plot, but as a quirky comedy it scores very highly. Plus, Bill Murray and zombie parodies.

robertsrants said: i saw that thephantompunch was asking if zombieland was good and yes, its pretty damn good but its not really indie at all. it has a huge fan base and seems pretty popular to me. If you want like a cult-horror/indie movie try Baghead. I thought it was pretty good and it has a few scares. It definitely has that low budget indie vibe.