imagine an avengers movie in the marvel universe where it’s written with a lot of flirting/romantic undertones between steve and tony and when it comes out the public starts speculating on a legit romance between them and people are constantly asking them in interviews if they’re involved and they just don’t understand it because they’re bffs and that’s it…

until they finally see the movie and when the credits roll they both just kind of sit there in shock because thor and natasha actually assisted with the movie so they could get proper facts and characterizations and they even used some word-for-word real life conversations so tony and steve can’t really say it was all made up, it’s as true to life as a movie could possibly be and they’re just like sitting there afterwards contemplating everything they thought they knew



“is that–is that how we really act around each other?”






“uh. would you like to go out sometime? dinner, i mean?”

“are you asking me out on a date?”



“look, even though i was there for the real events, i was still watching this, half-waiting for those two to start ripping each others clothes off. if that’s really how we act around each other–”



“yes. i’ll go on a date with you.”

“oh. well. good.”



“shut up, tony.”

“make me.”

and that’s the story of their first kiss.

i was talking to krusca about domestic avengers and just

imagine them playing pranks on each other. like… they start hiding each other’s shit. and it escalates until they hide steve’s shield from him or clint’s bow etc (jarvis keeps track in case of emergency) and finally tony wants to pull one over on thor

only none of them can move mjolnir which is a problem but tony is a problem solver. so he spends days in the workshop building a box with an open bottom that’s a little bigger than mjolnir and putting retroreflective panels on the outside effectively making it invisible and he’s so pleased with himself when he’s finished

so he tells everyone else and they just happen to be in the room when thor comes in looking for mjolnir and tony is totally ready to have a good laugh but thor just… looks around for like 5 seconds before sticking out his hand and mjolnir comes flying at him, breaking the box tony made and just leaving tony completely deflated

thor chuckles and looks around at everyone with a lifted eyebrow and goes on his merry way