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Orbital Christmas Pick #16: Transformers - More Than Meets The Eye

This series has just wrapped up (in single issues, final trade still to come), and the next chapter has already begun in Lost Light. Without even the slightest hint of hyperbole though, More Than Meets the Eye has been one of the most consistently stunning books on the selves - in any genre. It may sound strange, but this book is not solely for people who care about robots-that-turn-into-stuff, it’s truly, truly for anyone and everyone





Bumblebee/RodimusUltra Magnus  

Video Editing


“Violence Solves Nothing” in this new comic-dub we’ve put together to keep you folks held over during the wait for Episode #3 of MTMTE. Enjoy this excerpt from Transformers: Chaos Theory!

Impactor - Joe Powell
Megatron - Stuart A. Hutson
Rung - ClothoVA
Bar Thugs - Kellen Goff

Picture from Yesterday’s panel at Amazing AZ comicon! It was a blast as we introduced many fans young and old to the wonderful world of Transformers Comics through discussion of Windblade, MTMTE and much more! A big thank you to those who attended and asked some awesome questions!