roberto clemente

July 13, 1971

In a game which features six home runs, Reggie Jackson crushes a fourth-inning Dock Ellis pitch off the power generator located on the Tiger Stadium right-field roof 520 feet from home plate. All the players who homer in the game — Johnny Bench, Hank Aaron, Roberto Clemente, Frank Robinson, Harmon Killebrew, and Jackson — will become members of the Hall of Fame.
I never understood why some Puerto Ricans prefer to stereotype themselves as all light skinned, strictly mixed with Taino and Spanish and deny their African roots but LOVE Roberto Clemente.. Wth type of sense does that make?

…I never understood and will never understand. Having a grandfather of another culture and ethnicity exposes you to a lot and thats something I always have encountered. Why is that darker latinos and latinas automatically get put in the category as Dominican or Cuban while lighter skinned can only “pass” as puerto rican. My own mother is half puerto rican and because she is so dark people try and tell her she isn’t. Makes no sense. Despite all the colorism and unnecessary shit that occurs. I still love being Puerto Rican though