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“You think you’re funny?” ASKHDGAJSDA !!!

Raleigh had never seen Mako pale with rage before. He’d seen her taking down kaiju. He’d seen her nurse her need for vengeance for her family.

But he’d never seen her like this.

So… maybe they’d gone a little too far.

“You think you’re funny?” Her voice, usually so tranquil that even Chuck was calmed by it, thrummed with suppressed emotion. “Do you?”

Shooting a glance at Chuck – who looked as embarrassed and chastened as Raleigh had ever hoped to see him because, Jesus, neither of them ever thought she’d trace it directly to them – he shrugged. “I mean… it’s a little funny, right?”

Eyes narrow and blazing, she slapped the offending picture down on the table between their dinner trays, face up so they could take in the full details. It had taken HOURS to get the angle just right to hide their faces while showing everything else. Even longer for Chuck to sneak past all of Tendo’s security to screen-grab it from the security feeds without alerting anyone else to it.

But oh, was it worth it. Despite all the snickering they’d done, trying to paw at each other realistically to get just the right debauched look. Despite the very real claw marks he’d left on Chuck’s bare back that showed up beautifully in high-def. Despite Raleigh nearly dislocating a hip to get his leg hitched up around Chuck’s shoulder like that.

Despite the awkward hint of a boner he’d done his best to kill because, joke or no joke, Chuck felt like a living, breathing Greek statue writhing more than half-naked between his legs for however long it took them to make it look just right.

So worth it for the look on Mako’s face right now.

Because under the blazing fury, the pale face was slowly turning pink, the fury wavering under growing embarrassment as she glanced down at the faux-explicit picture they’d printed off on high-grade, glossy photo paper and left on her desk in her room. How the hell had she immediately known it was them? Neither of their faces were visible, and for all that the picture was clear as a bell, it was in crisp black and white, so it’s not like Chuck’s ginger hair gave them away.

Unfortunately, the crisp black and white… oddly enough… only made it hotter.

Now Raleigh was blushing.

Chuck’s face, he saw at a glance, was damn near on fire.

Then, Mako cleared her throat and backed away, the picture still on the table between them. “I’ll tell you what’s funny.”

Frowning now, Raleigh eyed her suspiciously. That was a new tone. He’d never heard that tone, not in any of her memories.

“It’s funny that I had Tendo roll back the security tape to find out who did it.”

His mouth went dry. Chuck tensed on the other side of the table.

“It’s funny that we watched the whole thing. Without sound.”

Oh, shit. Without sound, it would look very much like–

“It’s funny that he made a copy and sent it to the marshal.”

Chuck paled so suddenly that Raleigh feared he’d pass out. Honestly, Raleigh couldn’t blame him. He felt pretty goddamn pale himself.

“Yes.” She smiled serenely, her voice mellow with its usual tranquility. “That is funny.”

With a nod, she walked away.

And Raleigh… could only sit there in silence, feeling the doom gather around him, counting the minutes until Herc Hansen strolled all up into the cafeteria and killed himself a Becket for debauching his precious son.

Ha. Funny.

Jesus, he was in so much trouble.

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IM FKCINGAA SD,JAGFSDJAKSDAS you should not have done this now i’ll be thinking about when i’ll get the sequel where 1. herc hunts raleigh down and 2. they both decide since one of them is going to die they should do this thing for real so its worth it

*snerk* Hey, you asked for it. Like, literally.

That said, I’m currently cranking out something I think will be relatively short (around 10K, if I can keep the filler down), and then I need to work on WiPs that have been calling my name for four months.