robertbreadford replied to your postthe beatles are overrated

and kubrick revolutionized filmmaking imo!!!11

gah i know he did overall but i’m looking at things individually–the details

i love the beatles songs: writing, music, performances, the boys themselves. i enjoy listening to them. a history teacher once told me that during the vietnam war, it was music that influenced society rather than the other way around and that it was the beatles that began this revolution not only of music, but of the society itself.

with kubrick, yes he revolutionized filmmaking (and one could argue the same that i did for the beatles), but i myself don’t enjoy watching his films over and over again because of the tone, music, etc. his films are good, but the enjoyment isn’t there for me. there are some films that i know are good in terms of technicalities, but pleasure and enjoyment is a part of film for me. those little components that i don’t like in his style prevent me from enjoying his films thoroughly. i can’t rate a film so high only based on the techniques and style and what they did for film. i need to feel like i can always turn to a director sometimes just for pleasure, and based on my preferences i don’t get that from kubrick.