roberta vasquez

Operation love bites

The one with all the hickies. (Prompt 10)

10k wasn’t the type of person that did PDA. Heck he didn’t even know what PDA was. He had never had a girlfriend which was why he was always awkward about everything.

You had to initiate everything. You had to admit your feelings to him first, you had to initiate the first hug, the first kiss, the first time.

Normally stuff like this would bother someone in the normal world, but this wasn’t the normal world and you didn’t mind at all. You loved to be in control and you loved seeing him get all flustered when you do the tiniest of things.

One night you guys were sharing a motel room. You managed to get showers in which was fantastic seeing as it was like 100 degrees outside. Whenever it’d be the hot, he’d have the tendency to sleep in his underwear which made it easier for you to fool around with him. Yeah he’d get all shy, but secretly he loved it.

After his shower he did his usual routine of stripping off his clothes and laying out on top of the comforter. You were feeling a little bit spontaneous so when he was reading one of your books you decide to kiss his torso.

He immediately stops what he’s done and he freezes as you continue. You giggle as he uses the book to cover his bright red face.

As you make your way down his stomach an idea pops into your head. You move over to his right hip and begin to suck gently on the skin. He stiffens, but soon relaxes. You pull away and admire the love bite that you left on him. He looks down at it and you smile innocently.

He pulls you under him and with no warning at all he begins to suck gently on your inner thigh. You gasp at his sudden change in actions but you don’t stop him.

“It’s time I begin to take control.” He says from between your legs. The sight of him like that immediately brings heat to your face and you look away as he moves on to the other thigh. A few minutes later and he says he’s done.

He makes you go look at what he’s done in the bathroom and you do as you’re told. Once you take a look, your heart does a flip.

He had made a heart on one of your inner thighs with love bites, while the other one had a small scatter of them.

You walk back into the room and he’s sitting on the edge of the bed, he looks like a small child waiting for his mother to pick him up from the principles office.

“How’d I do?” He asks shyly.

You snicker. “You did great, thank you love.”