3 Steps for Loving Yourself

Cases of self-hate are worryingly increasing among adolescents. In addition to the bad body image that the media portrays and the social expectations of perfection, some unlikely culprits are also fuelling self-hate. Identifying the problem will be the first way of turning that car around, driving away from the self-hate and into a haven of respect and love for oneself.

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Building Blocks of Strong Relationships

A natural part of being a human being is building a support group of family and friends to help you when you fall down. However, there are many people who have experienced destructive relationships; whether they be with significant others, friends or family. While it is vital to eliminate the prevalence of destructive relationships from your life, it is also important to know how to build a strong relationship to prevent from having a detrimental relationship in the future.

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Here are a bunch of drawings I’ve been noodling around with most of the month in between various computer catastrophes and being consumed by Fallout 4 \o/

Was thinking about what the various zombie people coulda looked like before getting all undead (except for Rinaldo, he always had a flaming skull head).

My computer harddrive burnt out a couple weeks ago and I’ve been yelling at my new one for over a week now

Would not recommend windows 10 just yet >:c