okay can we talk about the fact that robert was in his Peak Scheming Mode and then aaron came in and ruined it because he had to raise his head and look at his #beautiful (ex)husband and recognise that he’s tired, had to ask if he’s okay and basically turns into a concerned awkward shifty marshmallow until aaron left.

True Grit
[1.4k, Canon Divergence, Angst with a happy ending, Reunion]

Robert and Aaron reconcile. 

The door of the Mill is open when Robert approaches it and he wonders if Aaron simply forgot to close it or if he wants Robert to let himself in. He stands there, frozen and undecided, and it squashes the silent hope he didn’t know has been blossoming in his chest.

Robert raises his fist to knock on the open door, but there’s no response. Instead it sings open even further.

“Aaron?” he calls, not loud, not quiet. Again, there’s no response.

He pushes the door open slowly and peaks inside. Robert’s eyes have no trouble finding Aaron. He’s sitting at the kitchen table, sunk shoulders, his back towards the door, wearing funeral black. It makes Robert’s heart ache.

“Aaron?” he tries again. This time the reaction is the opposite of nothing. Aaron snaps out of his thoughts and jumps out of his seat, eyebrows raised and eyes wide. It doesn’t last long. Aaron visibly relaxes when he spots Robert, but Robert raises his hands anyway and says “It’s just me.”

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