Gone (Luke Hemmings) Imagine | Anon Requested

Anonymous: hey could you do an imagine where luke and you have a child and your pregnant but i doesn’t know that and you have a fight so you live and it’s when you’ve got an accident and have to go to hospital that he knows and you can do everything you want after that , please ?? xx

A/N: I think I’m gonna need to split this into 2 maybe 3 parts

WARNING: This is going to get pretty sad over the next few parts and I recommend you don’t read it if you’re not mentally ready.

"I thought this was something that we both wanted?!" Luke screamed into your face. This was just like any other night. The usual screaming match, the usual aroma of alcohol in the air from Luke’s "stress relief".

"I never asked you to go on tour! You have a fucking family now Luke, you can’t just leave her for 6 months, do you know how distressing that can be on a child her age?!" Her is referring to your daughter, Katie. Around three years ago, Luke and yourself had a little fun together that you should’ve been a bit more careful about, resulting in your toddler, Kaite. It was a teen pregnancy and although you and Luke weren’t exactly ready for it, it’s been the best thing to happen to you both. Or so you thought.

"I can’t stop my job just for you guys, how else am I supposed to support you both?! This is my dream job Y/N, you can’t ask me to quit!” He spat. You realise you were being pretty selfish but the only way you’ve managed to look after Katie is with Luke’s help, whenever Luke was away it affected you badly and you couldn’t put something like that on her.

"I’m not asking you to quit, I’m asking you to consider us before you accept a job that could affect all of us!" You yelled. You stared into each other’s eyes, both of your eye colours darkened by your anger.

"Mummy" You hear a soft squeak behind you, automatically making your expression and body soften as you turn around and see a very scared, blonde head poke around the door. Her pale blue eyes staring at you with terror.

"What is it sweetie?" You ask gently, walking towards her and crouching down to her height.

"I can’t sleep" she pouted, rubbing her eyes before a yawn made its way to her lips. You knew she was tired but your fighting was keeping her awake. It wasn’t fair on her that you and Luke kept her up all night with your bickering. You placed a kiss to her forehead before taking her hand and leading her back to bed after giving Luke a glance. He was sat on your bed now with his face in his hands. You felt guilty, for yelling at Luke and keeping Katie up with it.

"Okay gorgeous, close your eyes" you said softly after tucking her in and sitting beside her. Her hand placed loosely in yours as you stroked her fingers gently.

"Are you and daddy mad at each other?" She asked quietly, completely ignoring what you asked her to do.

"No. We’re fine" You said short but surly. You didn’t want to worry her, you knew that despite her age, she already knew so much, she knew exactly what was happening, with every interaction, she knew what was going on.

"I don’t like it when you’re unhappy with each other" she whispered and your heart tore in two.

"We’re fine baby, we just need to talk. Now close those pretty blue eyes and get some sleep" you whispered back before her eyes slowly fluttered shut. You waited until the snores started falling from her lips. Unwilling to go back and finish the fight, you got up and started to clean up a few of her fluffy toys from the floor.

You were in a war with yourself, you wanted Luke to be happy but you didn’t want him to leave you for so long. It was tough without him as it was, to be away from him and have to look after Kaite was too much. You felt a pair of arms snake around your waist as you bent down to pick up some toys.

"I’m so sorry baby" Luke whispered as you stood up, your back flush with his chest. He pressed a few sweet kisses along your neck, making your heart flutter slightly. "I should have considered you before I did anything. She needs me, I can understand that. I’m sorry I sprung it on you" he whispered into your neck, bringing goosebumps to the surface as his plump pink lips ghosted over your exposed shoulder.

"It’s okay Lukey, I forgive you. Now let’s go back to bed" you said tiredly. He swung an arm over your shoulder as you quietly left your daughters room, silently closing the door as her light snores filled the room.

You got to your bedroom and stood holding each other for a few minutes. Silently cradling each other’s bodies in your arms before Luke pulled away and placed a kiss on your lips. You immediately deepened the kiss before your hands went up to caress his cheeks, his going down to rest on your thighs, slowly going around to your bum. He gave a light squeeze making you gasp a little at his sudden change, you grinning up at him as you broke apart. He didn’t need another look to know what you wanted and without warning he grabbed you by your thighs, lifting you up and throwing you on the bed.

"Luke!" You squealed, having to bite your lip to hold in your giggles so you didn’t wake Katie up. He trailed kisses all over your exposed tummy where your slouchy jumper had ridden up, leading all the way down to your pyjama shorts where he sucked the skin above the waistband, surly leaving a mark on your hipbone. Your hands gripping onto his hair loosely as he removed your pyjama shorts. You softly groaned his name as his calloused hands trailed your body, moving up and under your shirt.

"Shhh, princesses must be quiet or they’ll get punished" he winked.


You woke up this morning with Luke’s arms placed protectively around your waist, pulling you as close as possible to his bare torso. The thoughts of last night burning your mind as you turn to face him, your bodies sticking together from the amount of sweat shed. Luke was surprisingly rough last night, whether it was the alcohol he’d had, the guilt the felt? Who knows, but as you stared into his face, the way his mouth fell open as he slept, the way you could see small twitches as his eyes darted around under the closed lid, the warm breath you felt on your cheeks you felt complete. It was perfect. You felt so lucky.

You suddenly felt the grip around you tighten, as you look up to the scrunched up face as his body suddenly woke leaving his eyes to struggle in the morning light, you couldn’t help but giggle at his resemblance to Katie when you wake her up in the mornings.

"Good morning" you whispered, leaving a quick soft kiss to his lips.

"Morning" he chuckled hoarsely before plopping his head back against his pillow, his eyes searching yours as you lay in complete silence. "Ugh I’m gonna miss this" he sighed as his hand came up to land on your cheek, his thumb grazing over your cheekbone.

"Miss what?" You asked, scared and confused.

"This. Waking up next to you" he said as if it was obvious.

"Are you leaving me?" You were now sat up, staring down at him with a look of complete confusion. How was he planning on breaking up with you after a night like that?

"What? God no! I’m going on tour. Remember? Last night? That’s kind of why we…" He looked between you both, remembering you were naked you decided to get up and pulled on the first shirt you saw which happened to be Luke’s.

"You said you weren’t going anymore?!" You yelled, quiet enough not to wake Katie but loud enough to frighten Luke.

"No I didn’t! I said I should’ve consulted you before taking the job! I admitted my mistake but I never said I wasn’t gonna go!" He yelled, louder than you. You appeared to be the only one what remembered there was a sleeping child in the house.

"I can’t believe you" you mumbled harshly before walking into the bathroom and slamming the door. You heard Luke give a frustrated yell then bed springs signalling he had collapsed back onto the bed in defeat.

You felt guilty and used. You knew this was Luke’s job but he had a family now, last time he toured Katie was only 1 and Luke promised not to tour again until she was old enough to go with you both because of how badly you coped with it all. Yes it affected the band pretty badly but they made up for it with albums and EPs along with little YouTube videos and live streams like 2012 5 Seconds Of Summer. The sudden change wasn’t exactly welcome in your heart.

A month passed and the date Luke was supposed to go on tour was getting nearer and nearer, however, ever since the morning you fought, he’s been a complete sweetheart. That’s the thing about Luke. He can go from one extreme to the next.

He was cooking you all dinner, sometimes inedible but it’s the thought that counts and it made an excuse for a McDonalds, he was taking you out more, he was helping with chores, spending time with you, buying you flowers, stopped going out drinking every night much to Michael’s disappointment as his usual drinking buddy. He even got you the engagement ring he had promised you. Luke proposed to you shortly after the birth of Katie but as she was newborn and you were hormonal, there wasn’t a good time to get you a ring but he did and it was beautiful. Now you two could officially say you were engaged, bringing joy to your mother who wasn’t best pleased with the whole teen pregnancy thing but carried on like a good grandmother.

One thing that had also increased with Luke was the time he and you shared in the bedroom. After a Katie was born the intimate time kind of died down, either neither of you were in the mood or you were tired beyond belief. Even if you did come close to each other, Katie would start crying. But the new Luke made sure you were always taken care of before you dropped off to sleep and you made sure you gave him the same treatment.

One morning, you woke up to a cold bed! you thought Luke was probably out with the boys in the studio or something. You sat up and your stomach did a flip, it knotted and hurt and before you knew it you were rushing to the bathroom with your hand clasped over your mouth.

After you had finished emptying your stomach, which was pretty empty to begin with, you sat back on the cold tile floor, leaning your head against the shower door. What was that about? You hadn’t eaten anything strange so that wasn’t it. You felt your forehead and it was pretty cold so you didn’t have a bug or virus that you knew of.

You got up and brushed your teeth, rinsing your mouth out as you thought about what could’ve possibly caused that. The last time you threw up like that, that you remember, was when you were pregnant with Katie.


You went into Katie’s room, panicking on the inside but trying to remain calm on the outside, only to find she wasn’t there. You assumed Luke had taken her to work or out for the morning and you sighed a weird sigh of relief. The fact she wasn’t here could make this morning so much easier.

You quickly pulled on the best outfit you could in under 30 seconds, got in your car and drove to the nearest pharmacy. After buying a couple pregnancy tests and racing back home, you ran to the bathroom and began taking the test.

1 Minute To Go

This can’t be happening, not again. You paced the bathroom waiting for the line to appear.

50 Seconds

Why can’t we just bang without it getting so complicated?!

40 Seconds

My mums gonna kill me

30 Seconds

What’s Luke going to say?! What about his tour? I was just beginning to feel confident enough to let him go!

20 Seconds

The first birth was fucking painful, I can’t go through that again!

10 Seconds

This is so stupid, it’s gonna be negative, I know it is

5 Seconds

Oh God

4 Seconds

I think I’m gonna throw up again

3 Seconds

I can’t breathe

2 Seconds

Oh no



Then and now.
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