“hi!” a smooth voice interrupts your conversation with your friend, and you turn around slightly with raised brows. “may i help you?” you ask the blond boy who’s smiling from ear to ear.
“i’m luke,” he chirps, still grinning widely. your friend starts to cast you and him curious looks. “i just wanted to say that my friend over there, the black haired one with a feather in his hair, thinks you’re really cute and that he’s also interested in buying you a drink. if you want, of course. if not, it’s cool.”
you find the boy’s need of consent very charming, and you smile a lopsided smile before glancing at the table luke’s friend is sitting at.
a pretty green eyed boy with a little bit of blue and red in his hair is staring back at you with a sort of hoping gaze filled with awe. his milky cheeks flush a light pink when he realizes that you’re looking, and he shifts his eyes down to the floor with a shy (almost embarrassed) smile.
“sure, why not.” you reply to luke sweetly, genuinely interested in talking to this adorable boy. as soon as you say the words, the boy’s face immediately brightens, and he smiles so widely that you can’t help but curl your lips a bit too.

Have you ever been laying in bed with very dim light and listen to 5sos song from when they were hemmo1996 to their newest song? You start to wonder where all the time has gone. I have to admit doing this was probably one of the saddest things I have ever done. You don’t now disappointment until you realize how much someone can change with in a year or so.

To prove a point.

Hey guys since Twitter stole our thunder the other day I want to prove a point. So reblog this if you are a 5sos blog, or even just a little bit. I want to show them that there are people on here who deserve recognition that they may not get.



Brb flinging myself to the sun


Robert Irwin, untitled, 1971 

“Throughout the 1970s, [Irwin] repeatedly worked with translucent scrim, a fabric routinely used in theatrical stage productions. Appearing opaque unless lit from behind, this material is often used to situate actions taking place in the foreground and background; to metaphorically frame the action in the past and present, or to distinguish realms of consciousness versus dream-states. In Irwin’s hands, scrim becomes a formally divisive yet supremely gentle and ethereal agent of transformation. This almost anti-sculptural material objectifies light and space, creating volume from both of these intangibles.”

“I’d be a violin, girl.” -ash

This video killed me! I just fell even harder.