C.H. How You Remind Me~ Nickelback

“For handing you a heart worth broken…”

“Scream “Are we having fun yet?”…”

“Cause living with me must have damn near killed you… “

It was getting harder to live under the same roof together. Finding some little thing to fight about everyday. He’s always out and with his friends. It was never like it used to be when he wanted to spend every second with you. He didn’t call you or text you. Whenever he was home he was in the basement with his guitar and papers everywhere. You always tired to check up on him and give him food to eat but he always ignored you. He never slept in the bed you share anymore. You always found him either on the couch or down stairs drooling on the table he was writing at. Some night he didn’t even come home. It was getting too much for you. This shouldn’t be how relationships go. Sleeping cold and alone in a bed made for two. He shouldn’t always be out or ignoring you. He doesn’t even talk to you unless he needed something and couldn’t leave because inspiration hit. So you packed your bags the night before you left. You slept in the bed that you used to share giving him one last chance to go back to normal and fix things. He didn’t. You woke early in the morning so he wouldn’t see you go. You wrote him a note once you gathered all you stuff. You set it on the kitchen counter with your set of keys to the front door and left.

Cal’s POV

“…shit.” I groaned as I lifted my head from the table where I fell asleep. Another night of trying to get this song perfect. I got up and stretched as I walked up stairs to get some breakfast. I walked into the kitchen a grabbed a bowl and set it on the counter where I found a note and keys. I looked down at the not and on it was lyrics to a NickelBack song.

“It’s not like you to say sorry

I was waiting on a different story

This time I’m mistaken

For handing you a heart worth breaking

And I’ve been wrong, I’ve been down,

Been to the bottom of every bottle

These five words in my head

Scream “are we having fun yet?” “

Attach to it was the keys to the house. I dropped the keys and ran upstairs to our bedroom. I opened the the door and found an empty room. Everything of hers was gone. Why did she leave? What did I do wrong? I ran down stairs and grabbed phone and dialed her number. One ring. Two rings. Three rings. Four rings. Then the operator. She didn’t answer. Was she supposed to go somewhere and didn’t tell me. Or did she tell me and I didn’t listen.

 “What have I done?” I said hitting my palm against my head. “I’ve ignored her this whole time.” I called the boys and told them to come over.

“What did you do Cal?” Luke said looking around. The boys and I found that not only were her clothes and stuff from our room gone but everything she had left around the house.

“Why does it look and feel so empty?” Michael says looking at some picture frames that were hanging on the wall. I walked over and stood over next to him looking at all the photos of me and (Y/N).

“She left.” I whispered sitting on the steps. Only Michael heard me though.

“What do you mean she left?”  MIchael looked at me with a concerned face.

“I don’t I woke up this morning and found a note and the keys to the house. I went upstairs and found that she took everything and left.”

“What did the note say?” Ashton said sitting next.

“The song lyrics to NickelBack.”

“How You Remind Me.” Luke said

“How did you know that?” I looked at him with narrow eyes “Did she tell you?”

“She’s been listening to it for the past week.” Luke said “She doesn’t listen to anything else but that song.”

I shook my head and pulled out my phone. “What are you doing?” Ashton asked.

“Calling her. I don’t know where she is and I’m worried about her.” I said and dialed her number again. This time someone answered. But it wasn’t her.

   “Hello. (Y/N) love. Please come back. Let’s talk this through. Please don’t leave me.” I rambled through the phone before she could say anything.

“Who is this?” The unfamiliar voice spoke through the phone. My heart broke a little more.

“This is Calum. Do you know where (Y/N) is? We need to talk.”

“Oh…It’s you. The one who completely ignored her for weeks.”

“I didn’t mean to. I’ve just been busy.” I said and heard a laugh from the other end.

“Busy! So know you’re too busy to even acknowledge your own girlfriend. What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I did acknowledge her I just… You know what I don’t need to explain myself to you. I want to talk with my girlfriend.”

“To bad because unless you have a perfectly good reason why you’ve been ignoring my best friend then you don’t get to talk to her.  So how about it Calum tell me what you’ve been up too that requires all of you attention?”

“I’m writing her a song for our anniversary and I wanted it to be perfect for her.” I mumbled into the phone. There was a long pause and I thought she had hung up.

“Y-y-you did what?”

“Wrote her a song. So can I talk to her…please?”

“Of course. Just hold on a minute.” I waited anxiously for her to answer I could feel my stomach turn in knots. I hadn’t felt this way since our first date. I was so nervous a trail of thoughts and questions flooding my head. What if she didn’t forgive me? What if she was gone for good? I don’t know what I would do with myself if she left.

“Hello.” Her soft,trembling voice came spoke through the phone. A smile spread across my face at the sound of her voice.

“Hi love.”

“Hi Cal.”

“Can we talk?”


“Great. I’ll come t—”

“No…I’ll come to you.” She said and hung up. I stared blankly at the phone in my hand. This was it. I couldn’t lose her.

“What happened mate?” Ashton asked putting a hand on my shoulder. I shoved my phone back into my pocket and turned to face him and the boys.

“She’s coming over to talk.” I said simply.

“That’s good. Now you can tell her what you’ve been up to for so long.” Michael said getting up and walking to the living room with the rest of us following him. The boys took a seat on the couch but I couldn’t trust myself to sit down or do anything at this point.

“Yeah…hopefully she forgives me.” I said pacing in front of the tv.

“She will mate don’t worry.” Luke said.

**Two hours later**

“Where is she? It’s nine fourteen. She should have been here over two hours ago.” Michael yelled out. The boys had all stayed with me waiting for her arrival. But the only problem was she wasn’t here yet. I had found my place against the wall on the floor waiting for her.

“Mate don’t yell. We are all sitting right here.” Ash said shaking his head at Mikey.

“What the hell does it matter? She was supposed to be here two hours ago and she still not here. She’s leaving him broken and hopeless. I love her to death but why make him wait this long to talk? “ Michael yelled getting up “I’m getting a beer, OR DID SHE TAKE THAT TOO!!” (meaning cause she took everything else and left the house empty) He said mumbling the first part and yelling the end. You would think he’s the one most upset. But the truth is I was. I was broken crumbling on the inside waiting for this girl that might have just given up on me. On us. Michael came back with four beers. He gave Luke and Ashton two of the beers and they took them. He handed on to me but I declined it. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep and definitely drink anything right now. Mikey set the beer on the table and sat back down. It was getting dark and still nothing. I was about to give up waiting when my phone buzzed. A new message from (Y/N) <3. I opened my phone and read the message.

I’m sorry Cal. I don’t know if I can do this. I’ve been sitting here ever since you called thinking. About what I couldn’t tell you. Everything is just so fucked up at the moment. I don’t know if I could handle this anymore. I don’t know if I ever could….

Robert Irwin, Untitled, 1971.

synthetic scrim, wooden frame, double-stripped fluorescent lights, floodlights
96 x 564 (243.8 x 1432.6) dimensions of scrim may vary with installation
acquired from the artist, 1971 (gift of the artist 71.17). Courtesy the artist and museum.

photo by Glenn Holvorson


Robert Irwin, untitled, 1971 

“Throughout the 1970s, [Irwin] repeatedly worked with translucent scrim, a fabric routinely used in theatrical stage productions. Appearing opaque unless lit from behind, this material is often used to situate actions taking place in the foreground and background; to metaphorically frame the action in the past and present, or to distinguish realms of consciousness versus dream-states. In Irwin’s hands, scrim becomes a formally divisive yet supremely gentle and ethereal agent of transformation. This almost anti-sculptural material objectifies light and space, creating volume from both of these intangibles.”

Robert Irwin, All That Jazz, 2011 © 2012 Robert Irwin / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York © 2011 Philipp Scholz Rittermann

Pace will present a fluorescent light installation by Robert Irwin at Art Unlimited, Basel’s pioneering exhibition platform for works that transcend the limits of a traditional booth. All That Jazz (2011) is a new experiment with the perceptual qualities of light, playing with rhythm, texture, densities, temperature, and chromatic relationships. One light tube reflects another, and the spaces between the light tubes allow two adjacent colors to refract, resulting in a vast range of hues. The presentation at Basel is book-ended by Pace’s two-part exhibition of Irwin’s work, the first part of which is on view in New York through June 23, and the second of which will be presented in the fall.  Please visit Pace at Art Basel, Hall 2.0, Booth B20, and Robert Irwin at Art Unlimited, Hall 1.0, Booth U22.

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