Public Service Announcement


At my school there is one kid who insulted every (yes, every) fandom. For example, he has called Harry Potter, mother of all fandoms, “gay” (especially Ron Weasley), which also shows his insensitivity to using gay as an insult. (“Gay” is also his go-to insult for everything.) He has said that everyone on tumblr is stupid and that ALL of us are hipsters, even the fandom blogs.

If you find any of these things offensive, please feel more than welcome to contact him at: +1-(316)-305-5215 . He told me to go ahead and give you his number, as he feels no remorse for anything he’s said. Please take the time to leave him a text full of your thoughts. Also, reblog this to stop the madness and teach him a lesson. Add tags, tell a friend, do whatever needs to be done! Come on, tumblr, we got a girl a fluffy chicken, so help me out! (Just so you know, he literally told me to post this. He thought the idea was hilarious and wanted to post it himself, but he doesn’t have a blog.)