• Other shows: This is our love triangle and the three other ships we have
  • Shadowhunters: This is the
  • Jace-Clary-Sebastian-Izzy-Simon-Maia-Raphael love hexagon. And this, this is Malec.

Shadowhunters 209/210 Theory (Mostly 210)
My theory is based mostly on these pictures. So I could be super wrong!

Valentine is torturing Alec. Okay that’s a weird way to start of, so let’s dig deeper. Then I will explain why Valentine is torturing Alec & ONLY Alec! In the 1st picture Magnus seems distressed and worried. Magnus & Alec have their huge argument towards the end of 209 and Alec needs some space so he runs off to the institute and the episode ends with Valentine breaking into the institute and taking hostages. So in 210 Magnus is feeling guilty bc he thinks it’s his fault that Alec was taken hostage. If he would have just told Alec about, whatever they were fighting about, he would be with Magnus and safe. Then Clary sees him sulking on the balcony (Pic #2) and tries to consult him, which in turn causes Magnus to express his guilt of causing their argument and possibly that he should have stopped Alec from leaving. Clary comes over to him(Pic #3) to convince him that it wasn’t his fault and there was no way for them to predict that Valentine would attack the institute. And that they will figure out a way of rescuing Alec, Izzy, and the rest of the institute TOGETHER. Clary then gets a video through text or a live video from Valentine (Pic #4). He does this thanks to that IT girl(Lindsey?). The video is most likely Valentine beating up a bound/handcuffed Alec. V: If you want him to live then I need you, Clarissa, and your brother. A: Clary, Jace, don’t come near here (basically telling them not to help that he can handle it). V: *punches him unconscious* This will only get worse. Don’t worry he’s still alive but not for long. After they watch the video, Jace starts screaming and they (Clary & Magnus) run into the house. Jace’s Parabatai rune is red or black or whatever, it’s bad. Magnus then sedates him so he’s not screaming in pain. Also so Jace can give Alec some of his strength. And they realize they have to get Alec back. Mostly for Jace’s sake.

Now why Alec?
-Alec is Jace’s Parabatai so Jace can feel and sense that Alec is being harmed and tortured. As Alec’s brother & Parabatai he’s going to want to save him. So it’s a great way to get Jace to him. Alec’s life for him.
-Clary cares for Jace and Alec so she would do anything to help them. If she has to go with Valentine in order for Alec, and subsequently Jace, she will do it. Not activate the Soul Sword, just go with Valentine.
-Okay. Valentine has to know that Alec is dating Magnus Bane, the HIGH WARLOCK OF BROOKLYN. And Magnus is warlock(and Dot is possibly dead) and he needs one. All he has is Madzie, a 4/5 year old warlock, and Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn. Valentine is not stupid. He knows that Magnus would give himself up to Valentine if it means he releases Alec, and Magnus heals Alec.
-Isabelle. It’s safe to assume that Izzy is most likely in the institute as well. Valentine could be torturing Alec right in front of Izzy. We have seen in the past that, even though she is the LITTLE sister, Izzy is extremely protective of Alec. *Side note: I think this gives evidence to many fans’ theory that Alec is autistic, even mildly autistic. She would be protective of her brother. Also Jace’s comment about Alec being sensitive. I could wrong. Like most of the public, I don’t fully understand Autism* Back to my point. Valentine realizes he can mentally torture one Lightwood while physically torture another Lightwood.
-Robert & Maryse were part of the Circle when Valentine started it. They eventually left him and got their Circle runes taken away and run one of the world’s institute. The only punishment they got was they can only be in Idris for Clave business. He could also be trying to get them back on his side. Alec is their eldest son, so they would care for him. They would willingly go back if it meant that ALL of their children are safe.
-Final point. Jocelyn! Valentine somehow finds out that Alec was the Shadowhunter that killed Jocelyn. Most likely Raj cause you know he would to save himself. Remember, Jocelyn is the love of Valentine’s life! So, he’s going to be extremely pissed at whoever killed her. But someone, Izzy most likely, points out that the demon that he sent inhabited Alec’s body, which is the only reason Alec killed her.

Sorry for long post. I had a lot to explain

Magnus having no patience with Shadowhunters

Clary and Jace: *arguing over being related*

Robert and Maryse: *walk in during conversation with Alec*
Magnus: *turns away and pretends to be busy*

Max: you’re not my real brother
Magnus: *nopes out*

Shadowhunter: *talks*
Magnus: *rolls eyes*

Sterling Hyltin and Robert Fairchild in Peter Martins’ Romeo + Juliet, New York City Ballet, February 2015, © Paul Kolnik.

Fairchild and Hyltin zipped across the stage with a dewy intensity that served the story. Romeo and Juliet find themselves in over their heads, and the same was true of Hyltin and Fairchild: young dancers carrying a full-length ballet that required both acting and the physical fortitude to navigate through Mr. Martins’s roller coaster of backbends.

Madzie Lightwood-Bane Headcanons

She moves in with Magnus and Alec (obviously).

They officially adopt her a month later.

She doesn’t talk to them for days, and the first time she does is after a nightmare and she ruins her new room when her magic explodes.

She has nightmares about Iris taking her away, or Iris’ house, she can remember the girls screaming there. It takes two weeks before she realises it’s okay to wake Alec and Magnus up in the middle of the night if she’s scared.

She can’t control her magic. So whenever she gets scared or angry or upset things get broken which tends to just make her sadder.

The first thing Magnus teaches her to do with her magic is fix things, so that she doesn’t need to be scared of breaking anything.

Her bedroom is turquoise.

Alec teaches her to read, Iris was always too busy for things like that. Afterwards she almost always has a book with her.

Alec and Magnus almost always have hair ties on their wrists because she loses and breaks them all the time.

When Catarina visits and meets her for the first time she talks to Magnus about her being Autistic.

After seeing a Mundie Doctor they realise she is autistic.

After her diagnosis things get a lot easier. Her nonverbal tendencies make a lot more sense, as do her meltdowns.

They settle into a daily routine, which both Alec and Madzie take comfort in.

Magnus teaches her ASL for when she doesn’t want to talk, he also teaches her how to project images into the air with her magic so that she can communicate that way if she wants to.

The whole gang make it their priority to learn ASL.

When Madzie gets really excited she bounces or rocks from her heels to her toes and back again.

When she’s upset she will wrap herself up in the blanket that Alec bought for her and she will take it everywhere with her.

Although she no longer has to hide her Warlock Mark, she still doesn’t like to have it on display all of the time, so Isabelle buys her so many scarves; Alec has to persuade her not to wear three at once.

Her magic is orange.

She goes to school in the Institutes Library with some other Shadowhunter kids.

Most days her and Alec walk there and home rather than portaling.

Jace takes her to an aquarium one day and Madzie falls in love with the fish.

She and Clary paint glittery fish all over her bedroom wall.

Her favourite colour is turquoise.

She spends all of her free time reading about fish and things that live in the water.

For her birthday Magnus and Alec buy her a fish tank with several kinds of fish in.

On her quieter days she likes to spend time with Raphael, they’ll sit and sign together, or he’ll read to her, or sometimes they’ll just sit together.

Although she’s a Warlock and practices her magic everyday with Magnus, she’s more like Alec.

When she’s a little older Alec teaches her Archery. So of course Isabelle teaches her to use a whip and Jace teaches her to use a sword.

When she first moves in Max buys her a little dark brown teddy as a welcome home present. For her first birthday with them he buys her turquoise fish that has sequins on and is sparkly.

Jace teaches her to play the piano.

Simon teaches her to play the guitar.

When Luke and Jocelyn babysit (they love to babysit), Maia will find excuses to drop by and just happen to get roped into playing with her.

Maia and Isabelle take her shopping, she’s the best dressed kid in New York.

One day while shopping Madzie see’s a woman who looks like Iris and she has a complete meltdown. Isabelle rushed her out of the store while Maia phoned Magnus to portal them out of there.

She has so much trouble sitting still for a long time, so Alec buys her fiddly and sensory toys to help her, she doesn’t leave the apartment without at least one of them.

Lydia teaches Alec how to do really intricate braids in her hair.

She didn’t speak for three days.

She calls everyone Aunt or Uncle.

Jocelyn and Luke become honorary grandparents.

Alec’s her Dad. Magnus is her Papa.

Chill. Out.

I’m sorry but you people are real dumbasses if you think Malec actually had sex.
1) That’s a huge step for them as a couple
2) There’s a reason they didn’t show anything else from their time together that night.
3) The director’s said themselves that malec is going to take their time and grow as a couple
4) Jace wouldn’t be all protective if Magnus had done what he wanted
5) Are y'all crazy? You KNOW they wouldn’t skim over something like that.

Stop screaming that their homophobes for not showing it, and just let things play out. God damn.

On Clary and Maia

I might get backlash for this BUT -

Watching Clary Fray on tv gets the same reaction out of me as if I were watching Donald Trump.

what reaction?  Basically I want to tell her “Shut up and LISTEN!  It’s not all about YOU!”

I know.  Comparing her to Trump is HARSH.  But look at what she is - A simple, arrogant, inexperienced person who all of the sudden’s been handed the “keys to the kingdom” and thinks they can run shit with TOTAL disregard.  Unwilling to listen.  Ignorant.  Overflowing with false self-importance.  Thinks they know what’s best for a whole SOCIETY.

She brashly intervenes in the politics of other species without caring to even ATTEMPT to understand their culture or relationships or their reasons for working a certain way.

She creates alliances, then tears them down as soon as they don’t fit her desires.

She ignores and disrespects important political figures, important allies. Potential friends.

From almost the beginning, she starts classifying people by their species, already learning Shadowhunter prejudice.  I mean she tells MAGNUS outright “Bring it, Warlock.

You think that’s okay?  Look back at the scene and check Magnus’s bothered expression right after.  Props to Harry Shum Jr. for catching that.

“I’m Clary Fray, and fuck downworlders.  Fuck the Clave.  Fuck shadowhunter law.  I’m gonna do what I wanna do.”

Granted - Her world was recently turned upside down and she’s been traumatized.  But you know what?  She should at least recognize that EVERYONE AROUND HER has been dealing with this since birth and MAYBE - just MAYBE - they know BETTER?

Originally posted by emreozcan

Know why I can’t wait for Maia to show up next season?

Because Clary’s fucking insufferable and needs to be taken down completely, not just a few notches, for the sake of the Shadow world.

And that whole contrived “tough girl” fight scene with Isabelle?  It’s so stupid.

These are soldiers.  Practically mercenaries.  They’ve been training since they were CHILDREN to fight and maim and kill.  HOW does it make sense for Clary to beat her?  I just…

Isabelle better have faked it and let herself be taken down, because BOY that is fucking shameful.  Especially from Maryse’s kid.

And even if Isabelle DID let Clary win, then that’s not good for Clary at all.  It furthers her arrogance.

I will say it again:

The problem with Clary Fray is that she thinks she knows shit.

even putting her in her place a little by giving Luke another daughter-figure, a daughter-figure with a unique unbreakable bond Clary can NEVER hope to share with Luke, will help a tad.

It might humble her.  It might make her think “wait - this is a big world with a lot of people, and these people apparently … matter? 

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Here’s hoping Maia turns out to be a great character.

Things we learned from the new promo
  1. Magnus will make more appearances. He will interact not only with Alec, but he will help Simon and Raphael to get over their differences. And it is awesome.

  2. Val is the father of the year. Hopefully, Jace will learn the whole story sooner than later.

  3. More werewolves! That means Luke will be treated like a main character. And possibly Maia will be a regular too, since Alisha did a takeover. But she is definitely important to the plot.

  4. Izzy is gonna kick some ass! while looking AMAZING!

  5. Are they going on books direction and Alec will be hurt? And Magnus is going to save the day (again)?

  6. Even tho Clace seems to fight, in the end they will make amends and kick ass together.