Robert Dudley to William Cecil
September, 1560

Sir, I thank you for your being here, and the great friendship which you have shown towards me I shall not forget. I am very loath to wish you here again, but I would be very glad to be with you there. I pray you let me hear from you what you think best for me to do. If you doubt, I pray you ask the question, for the sooner you can advise me thither the more I shall thank you. I am sorry so sudden a change; for me thinks I am here all this while as it were a dream, and too far - too far from the place where I am bound to be; when methinks also this long idle time cannot excuse me from the duty I have to discharge elsewhere. I pray you help him that seems to be at liberty out of so great bondage. Forget me not though you see me not, and I will remember you and fail ye not; and so wish you well to do. In haste this morning.

                                                                                                  R. Dudley.
I beseech you sir forget not to offer up the humble sacrifice you promised me.


HISTORY MEME - WORLD VERSION ♛ [01/07] pairings : Elizabeth I of England & Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester (XVI)

Robert Dudley was counted among Elizabeth’s special friends by Philip II’s envoy to the English court a week before Queen Mary’s death. On 18 november 1558, the morning after Elizabeth’s accession, he witnessed the surrender of the Great Seal to her at Hatflield. He became Master of the Horse on the same day. As soon, rumours started to be spread on their relationship. In 1560, his wife died, an inquest was started but the jury found that it was an accident. Ironically, this death put an end to a possible secret wedding. In 1563, Elizabeth suggested him to marry Mary, Queen of Scots, but, offended, Mary refused it. Robert became Earl of Leicester. When he married Lettice Knollys, Elizabeth’s cousin, the Queen bannished him from court for a while. But she had never been able to be away from him. He stayed by his side until his very death. At his death, she stayed inside her rooms for hours, maybe days. She kept his last letter as a treasure until her own death.


The Tudors Exhibition at the Musée de Luxembourg - PART II


Pictures from the Exhibition and the book sold by the museum. 

  • Tomb effigies of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York in Westminster Abbey, sculpted by Pietro Torrigiano (moulding) 
  • The Ordinances of the Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception (London 1503) : Henry VII, Elizabeth of York and their children kneeling before Joachim and Anna at the Golden Gate
  • Pageants for the entry of Mary Tudor into Paris, Pierre Gringore, 1514
  • Henry VIII and Catherine / Katherine  of Aragon, circa 1520, unknown artist, National Portrait Gallery, London.
  • Ratification of a treaty relating to a matrimonial alliance between Princess Mary and the Duke of Orleans, 1527
  • Henry VII, Elizabeth of York, Henry VIII, Jane Seymour from Remigius van Leemput, 1627
  • Philippe II of Spain, Hans Eworth, circa 1557 ; Mary I, Hans Eworth, 1554, London, National Portrait Gallery
  • Philippe II and Mary I, 1555, London, National Portrait Gallery
  • Robert Dudley, first earl of Leicester and Elizabeth I, sketches from Frederico Zuccaro, 1575




Part 4 : …


A Historic Love // Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley

Well, I am glad to hear you say it is love. Was and is. There are those who say I was of the calculating kind. But what I felt for you I could not help, sometimes it… Did not help my cause at all. But truth be told it was as constant as the heavens. When I lost my way it guided me as stars do sailors.