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Even their contemporaries felt that the relationship of Elizabeth and Robert transcended the details on practicality. There had to be some explanation for their lifelong fidelity, and those contemporaries put it down to ‘synaptia’, a hidden conspiracy of the stars, whose power to rule human lives no-one doubted: ‘a sympathy of spirits between them, occasioned perhaps by some secret constellation’, in the words of the historian William Camden, writing at the beginning of the seventeenth century. Sarah Gristwood [x]


A Beautiful, Historically Accurate Miniseries About the Relationship Between Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley, starring Jessica Chastain and Tom Hardy

“You must go now,” he said, smiling up at her.

She saw the first of dawn creep around the drawn tapestries on the windows. “Yes, I must leave,” she agreed, and slid from the bed, arranging her gown and hair, fluffing her flattened neck ruff.

His voice was low and breaking. “What if you did not have to leave…never had to leave?”

“I must wait for that in heaven, Rob.”

*Quotes adapted from Legacy and His Last Letter


HISTORY MEME - WORLD VERSION ♛ [01/07] pairings : Elizabeth I of England & Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester (XVI)

Robert Dudley was counted among Elizabeth’s special friends by Philip II’s envoy to the English court a week before Queen Mary’s death. On 18 november 1558, the morning after Elizabeth’s accession, he witnessed the surrender of the Great Seal to her at Hatflield. He became Master of the Horse on the same day. As soon, rumours started to be spread on their relationship. In 1560, his wife died, an inquest was started but the jury found that it was an accident. Ironically, this death put an end to a possible secret wedding. In 1563, Elizabeth suggested him to marry Mary, Queen of Scots, but, offended, Mary refused it. Robert became Earl of Leicester. When he married Lettice Knollys, Elizabeth’s cousin, the Queen bannished him from court for a while. But she had never been able to be away from him. He stayed by his side until his very death. At his death, she stayed inside her rooms for hours, maybe days. She kept his last letter as a treasure until her own death.