My thoughts/opinions on Civil War

So Tom Holland is fucking adorable, can we all agree on that? The thought of another fucking Spiderman used to make me sick, but I absolutely love him.

Uh, Chadwick Boseman is a flawless actor, and pretty much every Black Panther scene was amazing??? How??? He’s so perfect????

Vision attempting to cook for Wanda is the cutest thing ever yes.

Someone let me adopt Tom Holland.

I cried too many times during this movie. Peggy died. Bucky killed Tony’s parents. I thought Rhodey was going to die, I thought Bucky was going to die, and for a split second I thought Tony was dead. Fuck all those fucking emotions and shit, fuck.

If I ever see Chris Evans cry again, my heat will stop beating.

Sam Wilson is a god damn cinnamon roll.

Martin Freeman showed up out of nowhere so I mean that’s cool.

I don’t really understand why Bucky needed to hear some random ass words in Russian in order to go rouge but hey it’s whatever.


Scott freaking out about Cap was the most nerdy/adorable thing I have ever seen with my own two eyes (you know excluding Tom Holland)

Also, giant Ant-Man is fucking sickkkk.

“I retire for five minutes and everything goes to shit” yes Clint baby yesssss.

Tony Stank is now the only name I will be calling Tony from this point on.

I’m serious please give me Tom Holland.