Aurum et chaos (Part 1/ ): Heightened emotions (NSFW)

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Some music to get into the mood

Pairings: starts off as a Tony x reader but gradually evolves into a Steve x reader (beware of the slow burn!)

Warnings: first time writing smut. There’s bad language and oral (giving) involved as well.

Word count: around 1K (without background information)

Series soundtrack found here

Summary of part 1: Sexy time with Tony Stark. And we’re just getting started! More filth is on the way, my dear readers.

A/N: What a great way to introduce my newest character to you *chuckles*. I started writing ‘Aurum et chaos’ (Gold and chaos) at the same time as Lumen but haven’t worked up the nerve to post it until now. The character I created for this series is a special creature as you are all about to find out very soon. Above suspicion on the outside yet frankly, she’s in some deep shit. But that’s enough spoilers for now.

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  • Scarlet Witch:Begins aou hating Tony Stark for killing her parents and almost her and her brother so picks a side based on revenge, then realises her mistake, risks her life to save a woman she didn't know (Dr Cho) and sided with a man she didn't trust because she's putting her personal feelings aside for the greater good. After her brother's death, she continues to fight for the cause that killed him, and even after her battle was won and she'd defeated Ultron, she continued on with the Avengers after developing in character to realise she can help other people.
  • Fandom:... but she's so weak... she had doubts... Clint had to give her one pep talk... waste of a character :/ :/ :/