Adiree pres. Pop-Up Showroom at Pikolinos in NYC 6/14/13…

Photography by Robert Cooper

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This collection is meant to capture the spirit of exercising a right to freedom. The ‘I have a dream’ earrings have Martin Luther King’s initials on the back. … The 'Full bloom’ earrings come from the idea of dreaming and blossoming into that dream. 'The 'Freedom to Speak’ earrings exemplify exactly that as she wears freedom across her mouth. My empress used the Black Liberation Flag or the Pan African flag colors very often in this collection. For her it’s a reminder of a freedom we as a people have worked on and should continue to work towards. The 'Black liberation-Africa Unite’ earrings send a message from front to back. She’s done the 'Boho medallion’ in other colors but for this collection she chose red, black, green and yellow to go with the theme of the Pan African flag, which appears again on the Africa shaped earrings. The back of those looks like splatter paint simply because Africans and their descendants are all over. She couldn’t do this collection without a Black Power fist particularly in light of past and recent protests. The back says 'no justice, no peace’ repeatedly. The last pair are a sophisticated blend of black and white. All the earrings are hand painted on wood except for the 'black and white bohemian’ earrings which are made from textured paper and card stock. They are very lightweight. You can add a little flare and a message all at once to your style. Visit for listings and prices.