to be honest I feel like this represents their characters so well;

Robin is so in love with Regina all he sees is her, and how perfect he thinks she is

Zelena was jealous of everything Regina had (including beauty aka not being green probably) and now loves her as a sister

Snow and Charming only have eyes for each other and think each other are the most beautiful, amazing people they’ve ever met

Rumple has unquestionable self belief and confidence

Belle is bored of and frustrated by Rumple’s arrogance and self centred-ness

Killian has a confidence and swagger, but is really deeply humble about everything (good) he does

Emma is always prepared with a witty, teasing response (in this situation saying the most attractive is an old flame, when next to her boyfriend)

and Regina has complete self assurance and belief, similar to Rumple

this is in no way a commentary on the actors